Besides elementary and natural provisions of life like nourishment, housing and dressing, teaching is also documented as important requisite for persons and civilisation in order to continue in modern age. It is the teaching which alters a human being into wonderful creature and moulds his character. Education is as significant and dynamic as Oxygen for human physique. Islam has decided utmost importance to education and knowledge. Role and implication of teaching and knowledge cannot be ignored and undervalued in current situation. Wisdoms of Holy Quran and Sunnah are complete with attainment of education and information. All features of human life like communal, moral, radical, economic and isolated life demands teaching and proper exercise to ensure horizontal successively of society. Islam promotes both kind of religious and worldly teaching.

On the day of Decision, human beings are responsible and liable for their performances and activities. Consequently, it is essential that they must acquire information and teaching of Islamic wisdoms. They must have rudimentary and important information of opinions, Namaz, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj, Halal and Haram customs of producing and etc. They will be requested about their transactions and performance with Muslims and non-Muslims. They must be well known about their collective rights and responsibilities towards parentages, children, nationals, and other beings. Furthermore, one can attain the highest pretention of Allah Almighty by knowing the basic stages and philosophies of religious duties. Islamic education rejects all sort of Extremism and Its Hardships. Presently, it is a common misconstruction that Islam does not indorse and inspire prerequisite of worldly teaching and it speaks only about sacred and spiritual knowledge. Nevertheless, Islam is the only religion who has acknowledged both sacred and worldly teaching fixed for its supporters. Revelation, the basic and vital source of religious instruction, mentions the mystical and moral subjects and their resolutions. How to create a strong connection with the Creator and His beings, is the main melody of revelation. So educations and commands of Quran and Sunnah play a significant role in Islamic state. Similarly, worldly teaching like social and natural disciplines, arts, literature, technology and humankinds are also permitted by Islam. In verse figure of 2:201 of the holy Quran, the Creator imparts His devotees to ask about improvement and happiness of both worlds and seek fortification from the fire of abyss. This verse designates the attainment of knowledge and education of this physical and unworldly world. Islam goals at the happiness and improvement of its supporters in both biospheres. Additional, there are numerous civilisations and sayings of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) which positively ensure the position of learning and teaching.

Consequently, it can be positively stated that Islam speaks about both Naqliya and Aqilya information. Naqliya schooling includes religious and mystical education while Aqilya teachings is all about experienced instruction like science & technology attached with other Aqliya arenas. Henceforth, it stresses an intergraded and proportional system of education including of both facts. Muslims of Middle eternities received a extraordinary name in all arenas of education with the assistance of combined scheme of education.

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