On the bodily equal, a man may go on interrupting rules without understanding the calamitous result such desecrations have on his personality and humanity. The result it has on civilization is a social corruption and the social laws have provision for remissive or condoning some performances. If he continues with his vices, the Divine law acts quickly. This law performance slowly but confidently.
The result of bad performances may be sluggish and at times unnoticeable, but in the long run the increasing effect will surely be appalling and sore. If a man receives the Divine rules as his guiding code, he will be able to observe the unavoidable calamitous effects and withdraw his ladders. This is named as “Tauba” in Islamic ideology. He can also unfasten the injury by his good performances once he has reviewed his phases.
Those who, after getting direction from Allah Almighty cease, shall be pardoned; but those who repeat their crime are buddies of fire where they will abide persistently”. The first obligation of the Divine law is trust in the unseen Allah as the creator, nourisher and total expert. This belief should be with devotion and absolute faith and not just a customary verbal affirmation. This faith must be with passion and firm belief and not just a customary verbal confirmation. When we follow the traffic signal when a policeman does not present, that time we display our complete submission to laws of traffic and the hidden authority. This outcome in a controlled and flat traffic. And this thing must be practiced when we perform Umrah via Umrah Package.
The disorder on our highways is due to our absence of faith in the positive consequence of obedience to commandments. The Divine law promises that all movements and opinions of man, howsoever small will have their bad or optimistic result. The current alarming worsening in all paces of life displays our refusal of confidence in the Divine law of Revenge. We must understand that there is no leakage from this rule. Many have faith in that their saints, spiritual leaders, called ‘Pirs’ and ‘Aulya’ will intervene on their behalf and take them to paradise.
The whole universe works in harmony with set instructions. Man has been prearranged the potentiality of exploring these rules for the benefit of manhood. He should not be frightened of the powers of nature or the universe. In contrast, nature and universe should be frightened of him. Human being is the only formation that is not guaranteed to follow rules.
He has permitted choice to choose his development of action; but once the decision is taken, the consequences cannot be transformed or the penalties approved on to somebody else. Calamities and illnesses are not produced by Allah Almighty. In this sense the Holy Quran says that there is no calamity which happens you but as a consequence of your own action.
The Divine rules have a recognized process in which the significances are not readily noticeable. The time gap is the elegance retro of amnesty.

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