It feels like a lifetime ago, when I first read 'It is Up to Us' written by Will Ash Bacon. At the very moment I read it my heart was enchanted, imagination captivated and soul set free. These words encouraged me to look beyond my external world and rediscover the internal, infinite power within.

We are incredible beings with an internal resource that is left largely untapped, directionless, and primarily asleep. It is up to us to wake up and realize that we are the very creators we have been searching for. We are responsible for all the expressions of energy that manifest in our lives ... individually and as a global collective .... those creations that sing out our magnificence and those that cause us to fall to our knees and weep in despair.

We have within us an incredible ability to reshape our illusion, to consciously create and to make a new life with incredible potential. This simple idea is the great mystery that mankind has been searching for. You are an energetic being with a power unlike any other and when thoughts, words and feelings are directed with consistency, intent, surrender and love, mountains will be moved, duality will vanish with barely a whisper and oneness will be restored. Imagine a world where abundance is the ground we walk on, happiness is the very lifeblood in our veins, and potential is the very air you breath.

We have stepped into a monumental year, that has the power to elevate us to where we truly shine. Regardless of prophecy or legend, our combined energy of stepping into change and greeting this year with a knowing that life will never be the same, has a power to shift the very hologram we live in; in fact life will be infinitely better for all who occupy this planet. That thought in of itself is incredibly powerful.

This is our gift, and should we step forward and accept our birthright, we have an opportunity to witness a life we have only dreamt of.

We are here now, you and I and it is up to us to re-enchant this planet Earth.

It’s up to us
to re-enchant this planet Earth
We are the elves and giants
we are the shining ones
daughters of the Moon and
sons of the Sun
We are the shape shifters
we are the mysterious light
shrouded in mists at
the dawn of our time
it’s up to us to re-enchant
this living planet Earth
Up to us to midwife
at our own rebirth
up to us to send our dead
along their
ancient pathways to the future
up to us to re-enchant this
living planet Earth
It’s up to us to break the spell
that steals the colors
from the world
and leaves it lifeless
it was our spell
we can break it
It’s up to us to break the spell
that steals the music from
the Wind and the Rain
it is our spell
we can break it
We will dance the magic dance
and our bodies will remember
we will sing the magic songs
and together we’ll remember
how to live together
how to love each other
how to ride the eagle
how to call the deer
~ Will Ash Bacon

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I have devoted the last 11 years to personal transformation. I recognized within myself a passion to help people to achieve higher states of consciousness and personal development. I studied Usui Reiki, Shamballa Multidimensional Healing, Crystal Healing and Quantum Healing and have combined them with Mindset Coaching. From all of these disciplines I came to realize my own innate gift to see energy fields and the ability to modify those quantum fields to greatest potential of the people, biological systems or animal species I serve.