Isn’t that the case every year? On a personal level, sticking to my goal is a serious issue even when I know exactly what I want. I’ve always needed help on how to really set a goal and stick with it long enough for it to become a habit. How do you achieve everything that you want in life by setting realistic goals? How do we do that?

If you struggle with the same thing, you need to read this.

Goal setting is easy. And sticking with it is even easier when you break it down in steps & sub steps. We’ll work on the first step as Otis has taken us through it in the video above.

The first step of this exercise uses a motivator like no other, and that is FEAR and the negative feelings that come from not achieving your goals. This is inspired by Tony Robbins who said that earlier, he only focused on the positive but then he realized the power of fear and how those negative feelings can be a used to motivate you. You’ll need a notepad for this one, digital or paper, whichever works for you and write your answer to the following:

WHAT in your life are you dissatisfied with?

You can focus on one of two different things – focus on yourself and things that you can actually change OR focus on things that you can’t. The latter is pointless and can’t be helped so we’d encourage you to focus on what you CAN change. The next question is even more important and that is:

WHY are you dissatisfied with this in your life?

A goal is incomplete without a very strong “WHY” and you are very likely to give up sooner without it. This is the key to sticking to your goals. Why are you dissatisfied with this in your life and what will happen if this persists? Five or ten years from now, if nothing changes and you continue to do what you are doing right now, what will that mean for your life?
For eg: Unhealthy food and lack of exercise will soon catch up in various health problems and if I’m not healthy and continue to gain weight like I currently am doing, I will very likely not have enough confidence to find a partner for a long term relationship or have enough energy to continue improving in every aspect of my life – financially and socially. I may end up becoming lazy or possibly even am right now. I may never improve my skills and stay complacent. I may be lonely and grumpy and no one wants to be around a grumpy human being and then of course all the repercussions that will come up. Not a pretty sight and certainly not inspiring, but mandatory to do.

There’s a great deal you can do with your fears, really dive in, go to the darkest place you could possibly imagine based on your actions alone. And the thing that worked for me is imagining a whole 24 hour day in that life, ten years from my current age. Living that life in my head, made me sure that I don’t want to be there! And I won’t be there!

Most importantly, be real with yourself.

When you understand why you are dissatisfied with that in your life, that will be your motivation to inculcate habits that will make you satisfied.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this exercise.

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