It’s a woman’s world…too

“A woman has power, but collectively we have impact.”
- Shelley Zalis

The strength of (most) organizations is their people. As products evolved into businesses into organizations, the way human resources were perceived also evolved. Today, numerous companies have a separate department that looks after employee relations. Management principles, theories, strategy – they all streamlined to increase employee morale as its relationship with an organisation’s growth was found to be more and more distinct. We’ve truly come a long way, even with the way women are treated in the workplace. Consider that a few decades ago, a lot of societies turned to women to work only when the men were away at war. With that context, the world today is a utopia. Unfortunately, we still have miles to go before we sleep.

It’s not just about being aware of the situation and exhibiting how ‘woke’ we are. It boils down to the small things we do on a daily basis that can actually lead to monumental change. How can we as individuals, in our individual interactions, make workplaces more inclusive? How can we come together in an organization and ensure the atmosphere encourages equality and fair treatment irrespective of age, gender, sex, race, religion, etc.

First things first, although this requires a greater degree of organizational support, is ensuring equal opportunity to all across the stages of the employment life cycle – from hiring, training, pay, appraisals, and redressal. It might seem like an organizational responsibility, but us employees are the ones carrying out each function and so we can play a pivotal role too.

Be it marketing firms or recruitment agencies, we have to encourage women to identify their areas of strength (and even weaknesses if any) and provide them with mentors. These mentors should be of different genders as it will promote collaboration, cooperation, and even empathy.

Aside from mentorship, we need to create distinguished channels of informal communication and collaboration wherein women can support each other.
For example, senior women leaders can share their success stories. A woman CEO can talk to entry-level women employees. A headhunter in Bangalore can speak to women recruiters in Chennai. Job consultants in the education sector can speak to heads of institutes on how to promote inclusivity and equality in their sector. It’s all about getting the conversation flowing in even more positive ways.

The world will not change in one day, and neither should it. Change is a process in which we all have a part to play. We all have an equal right to life and opportunity, making it necessary to put aside our reservations and help create a more acceptable world for all! Let’s reevaluate our thoughts and our actions - not just men but women too. It will only lead to better growth and development of humanity as a whole.

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