The Secret of Living Confidently and Happily.

It is right for everyone, especially you to be rich! You should be just as rich as you possibly can. Unfortunately and ignorantly, some people do not believe this due to fear-based religious or parental training.
Regardless of what you may have been taught God wants you to be rich; to enjoy the happy, prosperous life and to do so in an honest way. You should be financially independent so that you may enjoy the good things money can provide, and because it is divinely right for you to be rich.

Granted, money is not everything, so don't make a god of it. Money doesn't buy guarantee happiness, but having plenty of money does make it easier to have peace of mind, free you to be constructively creative, and to enjoy living in the manner to which you, and many others, want to be accustomed to.

Money is Good!

It is far better to have plenty of money than to have less. Money is good. It is God's good green energy! Check up on your attitude towards money. If you have held negative thoughts about it, change them. They are not really valid and serious impede your cash-flow. Improve your attitude toward money and more of it will flow more freely into your life!

Money responds to your thoughts about it, and the words you connect to it. Think and speak in an upward, positive way about money. Do not waste your good thought-energy thinking negatively about it. Do not fear it, or the having of too much money. Ask for wisdom and understanding, and affirm that money is coming to you now from every direction. Right now, you have the wisdom and intelligence to use money wisely and lovingly.

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It is wise to focus your energy upon your creative ability than to make money the object of your quest. Money will flow when you think right about it and work within and without to express your creative potential in prospering activity. Rather than being a motivator, let money be a barometer.

Be happy and grateful for the money you have had, have now, and expect to have. Declare that it is flowing into your life in abundant measure now. Pray this positive, prospering prayer:

"Money is good. It is flowing ever-increasingly into my life now. I use it with wisdom and lovingly pass it on as it blesses me and all humankind. Thank You, God. I am grateful."

You Have no Right to be Poor.

Poverty is a sickness and an indication of a conscious separation from God, the Source. When there is such a separation in regard to wealth, there is usually a separation in regard to other aspects of living, as well. Conscious oneness with God is to be sought after and experienced on a continuing basis. God is within and all around you as the source of all that you are, can have, and experience. You cannot be separate from God except in consciousness.

Jesus never condoned poverty. He never decreed that anyone should be poor, although He acknowledged that the poor would always be around. He said this in recognition of the fact that some people wouldn't learn to use prosperity laws and principles.

He did everything He could to convince people to claim, accept and enjoy their rightful inheritance of prosperous living as the deserving children of a loving and infinitely rich Father. He clearly taught and demonstrated "the life more abundant". And, He said "go and do likewise".Thus he gave you and me and everyone the authority to live the prosperous life.

Make no excuse for or put up with lack, at least as a permanent condition in your life. Do everything you can, inwardly and outwardly, to eliminate lack from your mind and your life, and to establish yourself in abundance.

Prosperity at its Best

Your loving Father-God intends for you to live in a gracious and successful manner. His desire for you is to experience now, daily good health, happiness, peace of mind, harmonious human relationships, and financial abundance. That is true prosperous living - prosperity at its best!

God has given you everything needed for living the prosperous life. Best of all, He has given you free choice and the power of your spoken word. Choose wisely!

You and I and everyone should do everything we can to claim and accept our rightful heritage of prosperous living, and to help others do the same.

Imelda Shanklin wrote: "if you spend your life merely in making a living you finally must acknowledge yourself bankrupt in essential wealth. . . Life pays. You name your recompense by what you do, by what you are".

(From my book, "Power Words for Prosperous Living!") This book teaches you a very positive, affirmative way of life; how to eliminate negatives and enjoy success and prosperity without the usual struggle and strain. (

Author's Bio: 

Rev. John W. Adams is a Unity Minister, ordained in June, 1966 by Lowell Fillmore, son of the founders of Unity School of Christianity, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Rev. John has dedicated his life to empowering people to live life lovingly, positively, and prosperously as God intends. Through his writings and teachings, and his prayer ministry, he has kept true to this purpose. He is the founder and director of Golden Key Ministry-Unity, a worldwide healing prayer ministry by mail and the Internet, established in 1974. Rev. John is the author of eleven self-help and prosperity print books, plus seven e-books. Be sure and visit our bookstore -