December often brings about the idea of time. 23 days until Christmas… 29 days until the New Year! We begin to ask ourselves questions like …did I do everything I wanted to do this year? What are my New Years resolutions? And saying things like “Next year will be better.” And this is all before the end of the year. We are living next year NOW! . As one of the final steps to decluttering your life before the New Year, take a moment to ponder how you experience time and it’s importance to you.

What is it that you know about time? Are you present in it or do you just move through it? Is it a tool that you use? Or is it your emergency vehicle to get things done? Is it an escape hatch called procrastination that you sometimes disappear into? Do you sabotage yourself by filling it up with so many tasks that it is impossible to complete?

Time is now, right where we are. It is a sequence of events that often escapes a day, a month or a year. That sequence exists whether you are creating the memory or reliving it. Time is the thing that escapes us when we can remember an event but not when it happened. Could it be that it is no longer important or relevant?

There are several ways that we move through time. These include totally being present and in the moment, prioritizing our time for optimum results, organizing our time into projects, stagnating through time to procrastination and using time as an emergency vehicle. Whichever way you experience time, ask yourself if you are experiencing freedom, resistance or anxiety around what you are doing and the time it takes to do it. Most importantly, what is your relationship with time?

Your assignment this week is to recognize how you move through time and prioritize your tasks now so that you are free to live in the moment, do the things that are most important to you and enjoy your life.

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