So often the things you say you want for yourself are not the things that you believe are possible for yourself. There is a disconnect. Somewhere on your journey you learned that you aren't good enough or smart enough or worthy enough of certain things. So you began to delegate those things you only dream of to "other" people, but certainly not yourself. You think to yourself, "Who am I to have such things or think that I am deserving of that?"

But what if that belief is a choice? Would you still choose to believe those limiting thoughts if there was another way? If there was a certainty that you would move easier and more swiftly toward achieving all those things you've said you wanted for yourself, would you allow yourself to choose something different?

Sometimes the answer is YES! But more often than not our answer is No. But not just, "No." It's a No with "reasons" and so many times those "reasons" are just big fat excuses masking as innocent causes for us to remain stuck and unfulfilled and unhappy.

What I have also discovered is that many times when we are faced with the BIG choices, we make a choice and then second guess ourselves. We make a choice and then say, "Nope, that’s not for me. I deserve something less.” We choose and then re-choose and then choose again. But then rather than realizing we’re the ones causing our own issue, we start to berate ourselves and our abilities. “This never works out for me. I can’t do anything right. See, this is why I don’t try new things. I’m not good enough.” It's no wonder it takes us so long to accomplish anything!!

This lesson was recently demonstrated to me by my garage door. I pushed the magic button that opens up the door. Then I decided that it didn't get the message so I pushed it again. In the meantime, the door was responding to my initial request by opening. But then it stopped. I got irritated with it. I pushed it again and it went the opposite direction of my desires. Grrr. I pushed it again. "Why are you not listening to me, door?" I thought. "Oh, but you are. It's me who is sending you mixed messages." Light bulb moment. So I chose to stop and send a clear message and then was patient. That was the key. Instant gratification is not always possible, especially when we are creating things for ourselves. We must learn to trust. Trust ourselves that we chose wisely. Trust that our message was heard. Trust that our desires will be met.

Take notice and discover how you experience choices. Are you reluctant to make a choice? If you do make a choice, do you question yourself and wonder if you made the right one? Do you re-evaluate the options after you’ve made your choice then choose again? Are you confident in your ability to make the best choice for yourself?

It's an interesting process that allows us to dive deeper into understanding our deepest selves. In the end, no matter what you end up choosing for yourself, when you make a choice, choose it. Allow yourself to believe in your abilities to know what is right for you, trust the process that comes with that choice, and take action upon that choice. You’ll accomplish your goals sooner and be thankful you did.

Wishing you all the best,

Author's Bio: 

Krysti Turznik is the founder of Powerful Mind Wellness and Through her workshops, coaching programs, courses, and products Krysti shows her clients how to stop their inner struggle, feel more confident in themselves and their choices, and live a more fulfilled and passionate life. What separates her from other wellness practitioners is that she has an ability to read between the lines and hear what people are not saying and quickly identify their areas of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. Krysti helps them find their own direction, guidance, and answers from within. Because of this, her clients receive extremely valuable information and a personalized strategy on exactly what they need to do to achieve their goals. As a result, those who coach with Krysti escape their mental and physical pain, unlock their potential and experience their possibilities!

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