How healing can assist with letting go of negative emotions
There are many subjects like hurt, pain, letting go, grief and ego which have the relationship with negative emotions. Ego is not a good thing, it is not confidence (which most people think it is) and they are both very contrasting subjects.

How does healing help with the emotional side of letting go of emotions?
When a human being has so such negativity thrown at them from different directions, it sticks, some bounce off like a game of table tennis for example. When someone is reciting or repeating the same conversation where they have been emotionally hurt, it gets stuck somewhere in the emotional body. So we have an accumulation of energy which is gathering from different spores and it is getting bigger and bigger - this is your emotional body reacting to either a situation or your own fears.

When I am working with someone I will see this negative emotion as murky or a blur that is blocking something else from flowing by. It is like a stream – if you placed a wall (negative emotion) in the stream (your body), you would stop the rest of the water (emotions) from flowing but as soon as you removed the wall, everything would flow easily again, allowing the rest of your body to function again. Once the emotional healing has taken place, you will feel like you can breathe and feel a whole lot lighter.

How I deal with clearing emotional baggage
I will look where the blockage is of the emotional (negative) energy, this could be thoughts, words or fear. If I can see it I will then go on to eliminate it. If it has got physical elements to it due to being there for so long, I would work deeper to remove it gently, not causing any aggravation to the client.

Do I feel the energy leave my body?
9 times out of 10, clients ‘feel’ what you do so you have to make sure you do this with ease. Clients say that they feel lighter and that the discomfort has subsided and those negative thoughts are not reoccurring again.

How long will it take to get rid of negative energy?
Some people feel that it is done after 1 session and it can be, but if it is deep rooted it will take much longer to remove. On the other hand, when someone is grieving and they can’t let go, an emotional cut must take place. So you are disconnecting 2 people from each other.

It is all channelled energy - the healer is not the one doing all the work, and it is like using a vacuum and taking away that stagnant energy that someone has, and replacing it with positive energy, making you whole again.

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Jas bassi is an accredited spiritual healer who has written many video blogs and blogs on spiritual healing, meditation, hypnosis and many more