jiofi.local.html is login ip address of jiofi router with this ip address you can open jiofi login dashboard, You can change your router's password and ssid name in this dashboard. Many people search on google jiofi.local.html
So today I am sharing a link to open this dashboard and tell you about this in full detail. if you want to open jiofi login dashboard then you can open from given below dashboard address .
What can be done with JioFi.Local.Html 
this is a jiofi login dashboard ip address, you can type this url in your phone or pc browser and open dashboard address. in dashboard you can change jiofi password, ssid, and see router device detail. in the dashboard we can check router battery level, device is charging or not, WiFi Serial Number, IMEI, IMSI, MSISDN, ICCID , Firmware Version , Firmware Creation Date , Hardware Version, OUI and etc. we only open this dashboard in jiofi connected device. so before open this dashboard first connect jiofi with your device. and after connecting open this dashboard in your mobile or pc. after connected you can easily open this dashboard to open jiofi.local.html click on given below link.
how to change password and ssid in jiofi.local.html
As mentioned above, with this dashboard address you can change jiofi router password and ssid name. below i have described how can you change jiofi password and ssid name.
first open jiofi.local.html dashboard, to open jiofi login dashboard click on given below link
after open this dashboard now login to this dashboard to login in this dashboard click on top right side login button. and enter login default username and password jiofi login router login default username and password is adminstartor 
< after login in dashboard click on setting then wi-fi, and on this page, we can see our current security key ( password ) and ssid (wifi name). Now here  you can change the password  
last word
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