Clans make playing online games more exciting and fun. They give you the opportunity to play with different players and complete tasks individually or as a group. Clans will encourage networking since you are able to communicate with variousplayers within your clan.

With all that said, how then do you join a clan?

Joining a clan is simple and easy. How do you do it? The first way is by browsing and sending a request to a clan that fits your interests. Interests are vital before joining a group – always ensure that you request to join a group with the level goals that you have in mind.

If you don’t have any interests and you are open to almost anything, you can go for a random group and join.

Searching and Browsing Clans

Searching and browsing clans give you the opportunity to sort clans with respect to different aspects such as the level goals. There are two different categories of clans. There are those focused on levels, and there are casual ones.

Casual clans won’t be entirely focused on the levels; they are mainly used for fun and learning to play a given game together. Casual games are great for family and friends. If you are a newbie, it is best when you play within the casual clans, and once you feel confident enough, you can go for high-level clans.

Players playing in the high levels take gameplay seriously. For them, it’s not all about having fun; it is some serious business. Unless you are ready for such challenges, never go for the high-level clans – you might end up being kicked out.

Some clans will allow you to join immediately, and in others, you have to send a request. For the later, the group leader of that specific group has to approve your request for you to join their clan.

On the other hand, a group leader can invite to a given group. When you receive an invitation, all you have to do is to accept the invitation, and you will become a member immediately. In most cases, once you have joined a given group, you will be locked until that particular battle ends. That calls for making a wise decision when joining a clan.

How to Find a Random Clan

If you haven’t received any invitations from a clan leader, you can go for a random clan. Also, if you don't have any clan in your mind, you can generate loads of random clan name ideas. This option will automatically look for a group with vacancies. You will then review the random clans then join or send an invite to join. If you don’t like the particular clans, then you can repeat the process. Other different clans will be pulled,and you can choose the one you feel suits your skills, commitment, and experience.

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