Jose Silva

Jose Silva's first exposure to psychology came in the military. When he was mentally evaluated prior to entry, Silva became fascinated with the psychologist's questioning, and decided he wanted to know more about the field. Although he was never formally schooled, he had taught himself to read and write, and learned a trade of radio repair by completing correspondence courses prior to enlisting.

At the time, no one would have guessed, even Jose himself, that he would end up combining his fascination with psychology and his knowledge of electrical currents to create a revolutionary idea on strengthening the human mind. José completed his service during World War II and went on to grow a lucrative business in radio and television repair.

With a successful business and family, Jose Silva was able to theorize and conduct experiments on his own children in mind-training. His belief was that, since the brain contains a lot of electric activity, and since any electrical circuit naturally functions best with the least resistance, he could improve the power of the mind by clearing away obstructions, or wild thoughts.

Testing his own children to calm their minds and create relaxed, yet aware mental states, Silva tried his own theory. To his delight, he was able to help his children achieve levels of mind that were as relaxed, yet more aware and purposeful, than those achieved in sleep, basic meditation and hypnosis. In so doing, he changed their brain frequencies and increased their mental abilities and even develop psychic abilities .

Not only did their school grades improve, the children were better behaved and could recall facts easier, they were also happier, and more serene, confident and successful. But José soon discovered an even greater miracle. The Silva Method he was using also helped his children learn to read other people's thoughts.

The first occurrence was with Jose's own daughter, as he questioned her about her school work. He began forming the next question in his mind before asking it, and to his delight, she began answering him before he was able to speak them aloud. He went on to test this on other children who lived in his neighborhood and was able to reproduce his results.

Silva died in 1999, but his daughter, Laura has carried on his work through her company, Silva International. His research and brilliance has changed countless lives and lead to many breakthroughs in the fields of psychology and parapsychology. Courses in The Silva Method are currently available online and seminars are being conducted worldwide.

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For over 5 decades The Silva Method has helped millions of people around the world achieve their highest potential by working with the mind. By expanding the mind’s capabilities through meditation, creative visualization, mental exercises, and self-improvement, graduates of the Silva Method have gained profound achievements and lasting transformation in their lives.