For many the word journey conjures up unrestrained emotions and grand visions. It stirs up images of exotic locations, faraway places, or tropical locations. The idea of climbing the Himalayas or sailing down the Amazon River brings a sense of excitement anticipation, and adventure. Yet you can bring this same type of exhilaration to every single daily experience you have. Every day is a journey uniquely you own, whether it’s
a journey to explore far-off places or a different type of journey-a journey within. The common thread in each new experience …is you. We each bring our sense of self, our past conditioning, perceptions, beliefs, and expectations to every experience. Take time to reflect inward, to see more of what personally influences your journey, and you will see that there is more then what you might have thought existed.

We tend to be creatures that habitually look outward for life experiences. As we observe the world, it seems the same day in and day out. This routine view exists
because we continue to look through the filter of our past, a conglomeration of old conditioning and beliefs.

As you drink in new experiences, consider seeing the world as it unfolds around you with “new eyes” Being an active part of each experience is what makes it uniquely yours.

The fist time you travel to a location, you are normally much more aware of the subtleties of the place you are visiting; you see through “new eyes” After returning to the same place time and again, you lose some of the clarity you had when you first arrived, and the place becomes mundane. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Think about a location you travel through frequently. You might not notice the small changes that go on there around you. Did you notice a new shop that opened? A new tree planted in a neighbor’s yard? If not, you have stopped seeing this location with “new eyes”.

This also applies to seeing our relationships with friends, family members and co-workers. We fist see them with interest and a desire to learn more about them. We see them with a fresh perspective. As time moves forward we take those around us much more for granted.

As life unfolds we may fall into the daily routine and miss the importance of
who we are and more importantly the importance of those around us.
Look and see that person for the value they have given to you it may be subtle but its there. You may have to look hard, and long, but there is importance and value in everyone’s journey.

Here are some suggestions for journeying through your life with “new eyes”

• Begin each day with a fresh way of thinking. New thoughts give you a new way in which to view and participate in a new experience.

• See common daily events in a new light. Push the shadows of your preconceived ideas away and grow into the light of understanding.

• Focus on what others might be feeling in the moment. Walk with them on their journey for a few moments, and you might understand why they are, how they are and who they are much more clearly.

• Determine why you view life the way you do. What events in your life have given you this perspective? Does this perspective serve you? Is there another way to view these events?

You have the opportunity each and every day to see your journeys, either near or far, with renewed appreciation. View the small ordinary things that pass your way as extraordinary and see your daily life journey through “new eyes” Wake up with renewed enthusiasm for yourself and those around you.

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For over 22 years Marcus Padulchick has been assisting individuals in finding a clear path to personal and business development. In addition to his schedule of lectures, workshops, and his personal search for knowledge and understanding, Marcus continues to provide one on one sessions.

Marcus Padulchick is an lecturer, author, adviser, teacher, and consultant.
He uses his sometimes funny, sometimes unique but always dynamic speaking style, with his ability to motivate blended with his compassion & caring to assist individuals on their path to education and individual and business growth

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