Each night as our bodies fall asleep, our soul and soul consciousness can travel to etheric realms for tutoring, strengthening and inspiration. In this “realm of ideas” that Plato spoke of, we find etheric retreats and cities of astounding beauty, as perceived by Thomas Cole in his painting Youth: The Voyage of Life. Known of mystics of old and remembered by many people who have had near-death experiences, these retreats vibrate at a higher frequency and cannot be seen by the untrained physical eye, even when they are congruent with their physical surroundings.
     In this heaven world, angels, masters,Elohim, buddhas and many beings of light reside. We find souls of departed love ones who train for reembodiment. A representation of children waiting to be born and training for their earth mission in a heavenly temple of learning is beautifully portrayed in the 1940’s movie, "The Bluebird of Happiness," starring Shirley Temple.
  Etheric retreats and cities fulfill the realization of the New Jerusalem seen by John the Beloved, and become a lodestone to anchor the consciousness of the City Foursquare on earth. The concept of universal Brotherhood permeates every relationship and divine love, wisdom and power are expressed through compassion, mutual respect and goodwill. In this octave, we know that “we are Gods,” as the scriptures state, manifestations of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti. We express our divine origin and prepare for permanent reunion with God in the ritual of the ascension.

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Therese Emmanuel Grey is spiritual and relationship mentor who teaches the inner family archetypes to help heal individuals and families. She has co-authored two landmark books, Why We Do What We Do and The Psychology of Success. Her autobiography, Miracles, Masters and Mirth: Adventures in Spirituality and Self-Awareness, provides extraordinary insights on the purpose of life and can be found at www.miraclesandmasters.com Therese also wrote the beautifully illustrated children's book, The Legend of the Ancient of Days, available at www.sanatkumara.info Therese nurtures a fast-growing online community of spiritual seekers and holistic minded individuals at www.lightworldwide.net. She also hosts several radio programs, including daily violet flame mantras and meditations at www.violetflamemiracles.com. Therese teaches weekly classes, webinars and facilitator training courses from her home in Montana, including the well-loved Radiant Sherpa Retreat. She also offers private sessions, where she shares highly effective insights and rituals to help you connect to your angels and sponsoring master. Find out more at www.ascendedmasterindex.com