Judging is a part of who we are, we judge pretty much everything to decide whether it is bad or good and how to file it away in our minds.

We make our decisions from a very limited perspective, going don’t go this way it is bad, go this way it is good. The problem now is our limited perspective, we truly are unable to discern what is best for us in the big picture and as the energy around us rapidly changes and expands we will find we are limiting ourselves with these decisions.

For example, I may judge that having an affair is a bad thing, all my logical training tells me this but having the affair may assist me to grow in many ways that I never even imagined.
I may decide that sticking with a job I don’t particularly like is good because I can pay my bills, but in doing so I may miss an opportunity of a lifetime in doing something different and feeling fulfilled.

These are just a couple of examples and your logic may be going is she whacked of course I would stick to what I am taught or believe is right. I am learning though that a great deal of what I have been taught, isn’t right for these times. And yes it really screws with the mind to release what I have been taught is the truth or the correct way to be.

The time has come for us to listen to our higher selves, to follow our new and larger pathways. This is not an easy task, as I find many of these rules or thoughts are very deeply embedded in my psyche. What I do know though is I can’t grow without trying new things or exploring new pathways, I find when I follow my intuition, everything works our very well even when it has been a very scary path for me to follow.
To let go of my old beliefs of what is right and wrong, what is the correct way to do things, what is the safe way to do things, has been very scary. It has taken a great deal of courage to trust in my intuition, to walk these different pathways when my logic was screaming no don’t do it!

I find my logic keeps me on the straight and narrow constantly telling me what is right and what is wrong. It would be scary though not to have it at all, as I find I am so used to the structure, that structure feels safe. I know it is there and can fall back on it, yet in these times of change, I find it is very limiting, keeping my stuck in the old way when I can see and feel there are many new ways of doing things. It is like I am at a spot where many roads come together and I can make many choices but my logic keeps telling me to take the known one, the safe one, that one that I know what the outcome will be. Yet in doing this, I know that I will end up in the same place, I greatly limit myself. There are so many new pathways opening up and in order to grow and evolve, I must risk trying a new path.
Start paying attention to your thinking and see how many times you take the safe path, how many times your logic tells you this is the right thing to do.

I think our greatest fear in letting go of the old rules and what is right and what is wrong is that we will have anarchy, I think we believe we will all run wild and mayhem will reign upon this earth. I have come to see that is not true, basically we are all good people and want to be loved and when we come from a place of love, we create more love. As this is the direction we are moving, I believe we will be perfectly fine.

Author's Bio: 

Janice is an International Empowerment Coach and Author of two books, Era of the Rebel:Embracing Our Individuality and Beyond Limited Thinking.

She has guested on many talk radio programs and works extensively with people, assisting them in connecting with their inner power and staying centred in their day to day lives.