Each day I park in my driveway, and wish that I could park my car in the garage. Each day I say to myself, "You need to get rid of this stuff. You don't need it, and you're not using it. Either take it and give it away or sell it at a garage sale. Just do something." Have you ever had those exact thoughts. Maybe you have a storage unit, and you think, "Why do I have a storage unit. I don't need it, and besides that takes money away from me and my family."

We Americans are known for our stuff. We like to have the newest gadgets, and keep our mementos from years and years of collecting. We seem to be attached to things, stuff and junk. We are emotionally attached to these items. Some of these we've had since our childhood, and we're now at the age of 50, 60, 65, 70 or more. We don't want to part with any of these items. Think about it. Look in your closets, your garage, your attic, and other storage areas. Do you really need that stuff? Do you take it out and share it with people, or do you keep hidden and safe and only you see it?

What we are finding is that people who store stuff, and junk are people who typically are unhealthy. They come from a sense of lack, or a sense of not having enough of whatever: Could be that they even lack love in their lives. That they don't feel love, and haven't felt love ever. They use the stuff to give them a false sense of love and security. What everyone needs to do is look at themselves and decide why they have all of this stuff that has become clutter in their lives.

There are many of us humans who believe that the more stuff we have the more likeable we are, or the more we are loved. Christmas is around the corner, and we are, especially here in America, notorious for giving our kids many gifts. Some of these will be cherished and honored, and some will not. I believe in gifts and I LOVE getting presents even at the age of 46. I also know that I really do have way too much stuff. Most of which I don't use and and havent used for quite some time. My garage as you know is full, but I am one of those Americans who also has a storage unit.

I'm not advising anyone to get rid of specific collections, antiques, or specific heirlooms. For many of us; that is pure enjoyment, and they like looking, hunting and dealing with people for those specific items. They usually have an area set up just for those kind of displays. That's healthy collecting. Many of us, me included, just have stuff, because we might need it someday, or our best friend from 2nd grade gave it to us.

Ask yourself these questions: 1) what is my intention for keeping this item? 2) Have I used this item in the last year? 3) Am I really interested in making a display with any of these items? 4) Am I keeping this because I need it to help me feel loved? 5) What is my emotional attachment to this item or stuff or junk?

When you answer these chances then the chances are very high that you'll find out why you keep the stuff. If you want to keep the item(s) then make a display with them, and show them off. You've kept it this long; show your guests, friends and family. If you aren't using any item then find a place to donate it; even if you donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. They can usually find ways to use the items. Many of these items will be recycled by them. That's being healthy for our planet.

As the Green movement says: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

Author's Bio: 

Carrie Fleharty by day is a mild mannered school librarian, but at night she's become a successful author. She is now a practicing Personal Life Coach. She enjoys helping people become successful in any endeavor that they feel is important to them. She enjoys and embraces change and sees it as a way to improve herself. She intends to keep improving her life, and keeps challenging herself to become a better person. She thoroughly enjoys expressing herself through the written word. And has written two books "Changes and Shifts: a Personal Journey" and "A Poet's Mind and Soul."

Her soul ignites through spiritual fire. She understands that the right spark can take a person to new meanings and new beginnings through a deeper sense of self. She is a seeker; she seeks Truth, the Devine, Spirituality, and Love. She believes that a spark will flame up to spread Truth. This Truth will be made known to all who seek.

After all "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." A Return to Love: Reflections on a Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand. I will be that helping hand in either personal, spiritual, health and wellness or being a mentor.