A great way to grow your business is by providing a good, relevant bonus to a book launch in your niche.

Why a WIN - WIN - WIN? Three immediate reasons come to mind:

1) The Author wins, by having a mass of traffic, attention and “buzz” the days leading to the launch and on launch day. You see, the page is built in a way that the buyer has to buy the book and then needs to enter the receipt or confirmation code to access the awesome bonuses. Buy the book for $15 and get $5000 in Bonus Gifts. Who can say no to that? What is good for the author aside from obvious book sales, is that Amazon is very busy that day with their title, and that often makes them move towards “Best Seller” status.

2) YOU win, by offering your gift (which you probably already have as an “opt-in” gift or bonus.) People who may not normally be in your audience will see you on the special “Bonus Gift Page” and will have to opt in at your site in order to collect the bonus from you – You are now GROWING YOUR LIST and expanding your audience.

3) The book BUYER wins, because not only do they get an awesome book – but they have access to so many other bonuses and gifts: the ultimate reward for purchasing on a specific day.


It may sound complicated, but the work and commitment is not that great…

First, you fill out a short form asking about the value of your gift and the size of your list. If your list is small, so not worry! This is the perfect opportunity for You to grow it and every mailing counts to the person launching! One person can and does make a difference!

Then, you send an image of you or your product or service. Remember to keep this aligned and consistent with your branding.

Finally, you commit to open, read and share the emails that are sent the week before launch (sometimes it’s also 3 days before launch and/or on launch day). Instructions are usually very EASY and arrive on ONE DOCUMENT. This can be passed along to your virtual assistant to tend to or simply cut and paste into your auto-responder and set the proper dates! Nowadays, there are also pre-written linkedin, facebook and twitter posts too. If you have a social media tool, like hootsuite – the process literally takes 2 minutes!

The main commitment from you in exchange to appearing on the launch page with your bonus (bringing attention to your expertise) is that you agree to share news of the launch in the form of mailing, newsletter, tweets, social media posts, etc.


You literally just agree to cut and paste and in the process, you develop and extensive mailing list, build cooperative relationships, get joint venture partners and realize the massive power of Social Media and how you can finally get it to work for you. It is the wave of activity that makes most books hit Best Seller on Amazon. It’s all about the momentum and with a JV book launch coupled with social media, you can leverage that momentum to finally propel you to success!

If you would like to sign up now for a full roster of books to be launched over the summer, or wish to submit your book, please visit http://www.FamilyHealingSeries.com

Author's Bio: 

Family Healing Series hosts not only the Jezek family books, but is also currently in negotiations with several authors as publisher for fresh and coming NEW PARADIGM works of inspiration. Dr. Kytka shares how to leverage your own innate strengths to create the business & lifestyle that’s right for you.

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