Faith is powerful. Powerful enough to cure the inflicted, powerful enough to manifest something new and wonderful. Yet, many people are finding it difficult to "keep the faith" due to the current economic challenges that are very real and often serious. How do we keep believing that there can be some thing better when things seem to be so bad?

My husbands timber frame business was thriving prior to the economic crash but for the past two years it has barely stayed afloat. Over twenty employees got laid off, doors closed, and unemployment was our only resolution. And for two years, my husband went to work faithfully every day with trust in his heart that something good would happen. Imagine going to work for two years, feeling like you are in a ghost town, not getting paid and continuing to believe in something better!

Many times we used visualization to "call in money" and the universe always seemed to listen. Day by day we squeaked by, but we continued to find the diamonds among the coals. "Eat ground meat instead of steak. Drink water instead of juice."

I began to find pennies resting on the ground and every time I picked them up I thanked the universe for listening and for answering my prayers. Pennies soon turned into dimes. I began finding dollar bills that had been tucked away in pockets. Sometimes there was a stack of bills with fives and tens. Special offers, refunds and a then lower mortgage payment all kept us floating along. We continued to be grateful for the support we received even though our credit card debts were escalating. We continued to keep the faith and focused on coming through the other side, productive and thriving. Life went on, I published my first book and I too continued to work, often without pay.

"Focus on the outcome, see what you want to have happen, trust that it is already yours, trust in good intention and kindness, feel it in your heart and set it free." Remember to breathe. Remember to be humble. Remember that one thing always leads to another. Remember to accept the gifts. Keep the faith."

The jobs are starting to come in and my books sales are increasing. Although we are not yet swimming along, we both trust that we are moving in the right direction. Success is the only option and we continue to believe with all of our heart that things are fine and the universe will continue to provide us with what we need. We know it is just a matter of time before our finances return to a healthy state of being. We trust that things continue to get better and we remain focused on success and financial freedom once again.

There are many fringe benefits to living in this way such as having a healthy immune system, getting a good nights sleep and feeling happy. These are always better than their alternative.

We each have this choice. Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts do create things. All of the money in the universe is out there and it wants to be given a good purpose for being. Remain focused on the benefits that you are proving for the world and trust that the money wants to support your good cause! When we live with gratitude in our heart with good intentions, the universe does listen!

Author's Bio: 

Roberta Swartz graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 1982. She has been a clinical hypnotherapist for over 28 years and has helped thousands of people to create greater health and happiness through self-hypnosis classes, seminars, and private hypnotherapy sessions.

Her newly released book, Me, Myself and Mind is a self-health book for teaching you how to help yourself. Filled with rich case histories and more than 30 activities, this book goes well beyond theory and provides you with the skills for your personal success.

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