If there is one health problem that is essentially sweeping the nation right now, it is the problem of bed bugs. There is absolutely nothing funny about them – they are responsible for a number of different health problems, not to mention the fact that no one wants to sleep in a bed full of bugs! Knowing just how to start detecting bed bugs is the first step in getting rid of them.

What Are Bed Bugs?

These are very tiny bugs, which can be as small as 1mm in length, which means that they are incredibly difficult to locate. They also start their life as small, white bugs meaning that it is very easy to miss them until they get older and more prevalent throughout your home. Bed bugs don’t have wings and therefore don’t fly, and because they are extremely flat, they can easily hide in small folds of your mattress, your pillows, or even in the bed frame itself.

How Can You Start Detecting Bed Bugs?

Generally speaking, most people only start to think about detecting bed bugs when they start to experience a lot of allergies or when they find bites on their skin. Bed bug bites generally come in three’s, primarily because a bed bug will feed on three different occasions during the course of the night, often within an inch or two of its previous “meal”. So, if you see three small bites on your body close to each other, chances are that you have bed bugs, and you are their nightly meal.

One mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that if they can’t see bed bugs that they must not exist. The truth is that they are so small to find that even a trained expert will miss them. A visual inspection alone is not sufficient evidence to prove that they don’t exist.

How Else Can You Find Them?

One of the most common methods for detecting bed bugs is to encase your mattress, pillows, and sheets in clear plastic and then expose them to heat. One easy method of doing this is to take all of your sheets and pillows, put them in a clear plastic bag and put them out in the hot sun. After a few hours, the bed bugs will suffocate and then drop to the bottom of the bag. If you find bed bugs in there, then you probably have them throughout your home.

Another increasingly common method of detecting bed bugs is by using dogs that are specifically trained to find bed bugs. This is a somewhat new method, but one that can work very well. A dog can smell the bed bugs infestation and will be able to tell you just where the bed bugs are located throughout your home.

Finally, there are also “high-tech” devices that help to monitor bed bugs. These devices actually emit a small amount of CO2 which the bed bugs are attracted to, and then they trap them. If this type of device traps any bed bugs in your home, then you are infested and will need to find a solution.

Can These Harm You?

Not only are bed bugs are a pretty unpleasant thing to have in your home, but they can transmit diseases, cause allergic reactions, and leave scars. They are enjoy traveling with you, so when you stay in a hotel room or sit in a movie theater seat, you can take your bed bugs with you, leaving them for the next person. For this reason alone, getting rid of them can help you and everyone else, too.

What Can You Do About Them?

There are several methods of bed bug removal, and once you have used one of the above methods for detecting bed bugs, then you will want to make sure that you remove them once and for all. The most expensive choice would be a Bedbugs Control Brisbane professional, and although they will often provide a guarantee, they might well quarantine your entire home for days, leaving behind toxic ingredients for you and your family. There are also chemical products that you can use at home, but they tend to be somewhat dangerous for homes with families or pets.

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