Want to stand out from the crowd?? Do you really think that only a simple graduation degree or master’s degree will do that for you? When competition is so tough everywhere then you also have to put some extra effort to face every challenge. Want to know how? The short term courses are the solution. These are the courses which can be completed within a short period of time and also according to our convenience or our free times. Short-term courses are of two types i) Education based short term courses and ii) Non-academic short term courses. These short term courses help to improve our educational and professional qualifications, personality development which makes us more confident to face competitions of daily life.

Benefits of short term courses-

Short term courses are one of the best ways to spend your free time and vacations in a productive way.
Short term courses help us to improve our knowledge.

Short term courses help us to improve our personality.
Short term courses give extra support to our main educational qualification and experience
Short term courses give us the opportunity to know more about our field of interest, other than those which we learn of at university.
Short term courses are beneficial for those who are short on time and money. That means these courses require less time and money than any other full-time courses.
Short term courses beyond academic qualification enrich our CV.
Things you need to verify before selecting any short term course-

Thousands of short term courses are available in the market. This is very important to select the right short term course or training which are relevant for the growth of your career.

Term and conditions and time period to complete the course.
Impact of selected short term course on your profession and personal life after completion.
Your exact need and benefits of doing that course
The course affiliation by authority.
Study material availability by Training Center
Check the past track record of that institution and don’t forget to seek feedback from the students who have already done that course from that institution.
Check and compare Course fees.
While opting for any network based and practical course, do thorough research on the infrastructure of practical labs of the institute.
Choose an authentic source or website while you are planning to do a short term course online.
Even though Short term courses magically enhance the educational qualification and additional skills but different courses are meant for different branches. One should choose the courses related to their area of qualification or area of work. Following are some of the highly demanded short term courses in commerce, IT, arts and Non-academic short term courses

Short Term Course in Information Technology(IT)-

Big Data & Hadoop
CISCO Technologies
SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
DBA (Oracle, DB2, MySql, SQL Server)
System Administration (Red Hat, Solaris, UNIX, VMware)
Cloud Computing
Microsoft Technologies
Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone)
Animation & Graphics
SQT (Software Quality Testing)
Other Language Courses (PHP, Ruby/Perl/Python)
Short Term Course in Accounting and Finance

Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT)
Business Analytics
Data Visualization
Financial Modeling
Certified Financial Planner
Short Term Course in Marketing-

Digital marketing
Certificate course in English Communication Skills
Certificate courses in Internet Marketing
Certificate courses Product Management
Certificate courses Customer Relationship Management
Short term courses in arts-

Certificate course in Spoken English and other foreign languages
Certificate course in Communication Skills
Short term courses in creative writing
Short term courses in creative presentation
Short term courses for teaching professionals-

Diploma in student psychology
Certificate course in Communication Skills
Certificate course in Applied Mathematics
Certificate courses in adult education
Certificate course in Guidance and Counseling
Certificate course in Library and Information Science
Short term courses for people working in the health care sector-

Certificate course in Hospital Management
Certificate course in ECG Technology
Professional short term courses open to all-

Certificate course in Food and Nutrition
Certificate course in Office Management
Diploma in journalism and mass communication
Certificate course or diploma in tourism and travel management
Certificate courses in Dress and ornament designing
Certificate Course in Automobile Technology
Certificate course in Yoga and fitness management
Certificate courses in photography
Computer Education based short term courses
Diploma in C Language
Computer Teacher Training Course (CTTC)
Diploma in Computer Application
Auto CADD 2000
Certificate course in Special Effects and Animation
Certificate course in Web Design
Non-academic Short Term Courses-

The courses which do not add any educational qualification to our CV but definitely help to improve our personality are known as Non-academic Short Term Courses. These courses have a positive impact on our life as well as on our career. You can use this knowledge either for amusement or can also get a source of earning by being self-employed by using the knowledge. You can open your own training centres after completion of these courses where you can fulfil your passion. Some of these courses are as follows-

Certificate and diploma courses in music
Certificate and diploma courses in dance
Diploma courses in classical dance forms
Diploma in Hair Designing
Diploma in Cosmetics
Diploma in Electro logy
Diploma in Hair Styling and Hair Coloring
CIDESCO Diploma and Beauty Therapy
Certificate in Dress Designing & Tailoring
Certificate courses in handloom weaving
Entrepreneurship Development Programs

Apart from the above courses, government of India also promoting different skill development short term programs under different skims. The main objective of these programs is to help a large number of Indian youth in securing a better livelihood. You can get detailed information from the official website of PMKVY.

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