Images with a very responsive design often need to be used at a variety of dimensions for different types of screen or display sizes. There are a number of methods for solving such issues with the raster images but why to use them when there is a better way to create and editing graphics in an image. The victor based graphics named as the free SVG is a perfect solution for creating and editing the graphics. It has never been easier to edit the graphics for an icon or image as it has been now with the SVG technology.

Ways to use free SVG

There are mainly two ways that you can use to implement the svg on your websites, and they are:

1. As svg file – you can use the free SVG on your site just like any other image files. The easiest way to use them as SVG file is displaying it on your page with an imp tag.

2. With the help of inline SVG mode – where the SVG is different, all you need to do is to copy the inside while and paste it on the page directly for displaying an image. With this method, the operator has more control over the image and can easily manipulate it.

Benefits of SVG

Using SVG is not only beneficial in one way, but it has plenty of benefits. The important ones among them are mentioned in the below-given points.

• Scalability

Most important benefit of using free SVG is that it is completely independent of the resolution. The independence here means that unlike the other file formats like the png and jpg, the quality of the file remains unaffected no matter what is the resolution of the screen. On the retina display screens, the jpg images appear blurry; the SVG file looks high quality.

• File size

Benefit of using a free SVG file is that the size of the file is smaller than the other formats when optimized properly. This benefit of SVG comes handy when you are dealing with the high-resolution screens and displays. The svg files do not need to be created in large size to make the difference like the raster images do.

• Performance

Performance of the site is enhanced when you use the free SVG file images. The performance is enhanced as the server does not need to request and load HTTP in order to load the image. This makes your website appear faster to the visitors and improves their experience.

Wrapping up

As you have seen that the free SVG is the most beneficial thing that you can use to display the vector-based images on your site. It is very beneficial, and perhaps now it is possible for you to use it in the best interest of your website.

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