Boilers are among the primary industrial needs for various applications that require steam energy to run. On the basis of the internal mechanism, we classify boilers into two basic categories i.e.

  • Water-Tube boiler

  • Fire-tube boiler

When it comes to choosing the most efficient and sustainable boiler, only a few brands can be trusted. There is a brand value of American-made products and Burnham stands the test from all aspects. Along with a new model, the Burnham boiler parts are also conveniently available and maintenance is effortless. This brand is well-known for manufacturing boilers of three categories including:-

  • Steel boilers

  • Cast iron boilers

  • Specialty boilers

Under these three categories, 16 different models are included. Let’s have a quick look.

Steel Boilers

  • Series 3 Firetube Boiler

  • Series 4 S

  • C Series Firetube

  • Series 4FH

  • Series 4N

Cast Iron Boilers

  • 5B Series

  • 8H & 8HE Series

  • V9A Series

  • V11H Series

  • MPC Series

Specialty Boilers

  • Mobile Boilers

  • Biomass and Solid Fuel Boilers

  • Knock-Down Boilers for Limited Access Installations

  • Heat Recovery Boilers

  • Boilers for Anaerobic Digesters

  • Boilers for Breweries

We can divide these 16 models into furthermore categories on the basis of different fuel types and mediums. While selecting a boiler, it is crucial to have some basic knowledge regarding these features. For instance, you have to choose a fuel type economically suitable according to the location such as biomass, natural gas, LPG, oil or gas. Moreover, the technical help representatives can also suggest which medium would be suitable according to your requirement type i.e. water, steam or combined.

Burnham Boilers

Convincing Reasons to Choose Burnham Boilers

  1. Multipurpose

Basically, Burnham produces boilers as industry solutions. However, you can also use some of their models for residential purposes. Right now, people are ordering Burnham boilers for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. You can consult with a technical expert for the most suitable recommendation.

  1. Easily available OEM spare parts

Finding Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts is a big challenge with boilers of inferior brands. Even the top brands fail to supply their spare parts to every customer. This is not a concern with Burnham Repair Parts because they are even available at third-party websites. Even the manufacturer company accepts orders from third-party suppliers and delivers products directly to the customers.

  1. Easy assembly and maintenance

Installation and maintenance are the two major aspects to consider while looking for a boiler. During the installation process, you may find trouble with boiler isolation valves, improperly located emergency stop button and incorrect Incorrect Installation of low water cutoffs. The Burnham boiler parts are meant for a convenient installation as compared to various other brands. Moreover, a boiler should work for a long time without creating major troubles. Still, malfunctioning like leakage, low pressure and radiator faults affect the work. Burnham manufactures spare parts that are easy to install and run efficiently in extreme conditions.

  1. Long R&D history

Burnham Corporation has been in the business of steam and hot water boilers manufacturing since 1873. Currently, it is the leading manufacturer of boilers in the United States of America. Their experience of more than a century involves countless research and development programs to improve the quality from all aspects. The amount of experience contributed by the industry’s top minds in this brand is a convincing reason that you cannot ignore.

Burnham is a renowned brand of boilers that can serve multiple purposes. They are easy to install and maintain. Therefore, buying one of their models can be a wise decision.

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