Have you ever felt or thought that you have got much more to offer to the world than what you currently do?

Do you know what your potential and capabilities really are?
Let me ask you another question, how well do you know yourself?

While I consider myself a ‘full time student of life’, something that I spend a lot of time studying is me. Yes, you heard me right. I do invest time in studying myself. What do I mean by “studying myself?”

When you study yourself, you increase your self awareness. What is self awareness? It is knowing yourself on many levels. For example, what are the things that help you excel? What are the things that hold you back? Also, what are some of the triggers in your life that cause certain reactions or responses? How well do you know these triggers?
Have you ever done anything proactively to control these triggers (regardless of whether they cause a positive or negative outcome)?

Ok, I realise that I have given you a lot of questions so far. The point of asking these questions is to enable you to know yourself better.

Self awareness is one of the keys to ongoing personal development.

When I used to work as a financial planner, one of the golden rules of the industry was “Know your client, know your products”. In other words, I had to know my client well before recommending a financial product to them.

Likewise, in personal development, I believe that one of the golden rules is “Know yourself”.

So, here are my Know, Feel, and Do:

1. Know yourself, know what you want, and know what you have to offer – get to know yourself better. I clearly remember, when I was 20 years old, I was asked in a job interview “What do you like about yourself?” At the time, I really didn’t think much about the question, and about the response that I provided to the lady who asked me that question. Although she asked me the question purely for professional purposes, that question can be applied in your personal life too. So, let me ask you “What do you like about yourself?” My follow up question to you is “Why do you like what you like about yourself?” Once again, it comes to self awareness. Then, I would like to ask you “What do you want in life?” Please be very specific in responding to this question. Avoid using vague words such as “more”, “less”, “good”, “bad”. Be very specific in clarifying what you want in life. Once you have done that, please specify what you are willing to offer to the world, or to others. We live in a world of ‘exchange’. If you want something, you will have to give something. If you want a pay rise at work, you will have to give more productivity or achieve your targets (for example). If you want a fit and athletic physique, you will have to give time and energy to an appropriate exercise and diet regime. Knowing what you have to offer to the world also includes any special ‘gifts’ that you have. These could include things that you are good at.

2. Feel what is right for you. Think it through – when it comes to having more fulfilment in life, you must know what feels right for you. Sometimes we do things that we may not necessarily like. Yet, we do it just to conform to society, or to please others. If you are to feel more fulfilled, you must own your fulfilment. Your fulfilment belongs to only you. So do the things that you feel are right for you. Too often, we think about what others will think or what others will say. We live in a society where we have allowed others to dictate what ‘normal’ would mean. We give in too easily to dogma. Please do what you would feel is the right thing for you to do, according to your values. Follow what your passion would dictate. Listen to your inner calling. Go ‘against the wave’ if you have to. Please remember, no one can give you fulfilment. It is something that you have to feel for yourself.

3. Do what it takes to get what you want – no notable success was ever handed to someone on a silver platter. Hence, you have to do whatever it takes to get what you want. Sacrifices will be called for, work will be required, and time will be spent. That is how things will get done. Have a plan of action ready so that you can take action, to get what you want. Eric Thomas says “Without pain, there is no progress.” So, sometimes you will feel the pain. Yet, the pain will be very much worth it in the end. Work with purpose and work with your heart. Know that whatever productive action you are taking, will lead you somewhere.

Quote: “The next time you are encouraged to fall into line, to be a sport and everything in you says no - be courageous and go your own way. There is no compensation in conformity.” Bob Proctor

I hope that I have given you a simple insight into knowing yourself, feeling what is right for you, and doing what it takes to get what you want.

Inspiring you towards your excellence,

Ron Prasad (Author, Speaker, Life Coach & Executive Coach)

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Ronny Prasad is the author of WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE - simple insights for your inspiration & empowerment (www.WelcomeToYourLifeBook.com). He is also an inspired speaker who empowers his audience with his enthusiasm and energy. His passion is inspiring and fulfilling lives, and sharing his insights with people around the world. He actively supports animal charities in many countries.