Vibrations define and form out lives. Everything, whatever happens, whatever we
think and feel affects us and forms our future and our health. It helps or prevents
in achieving our goals.
Our greatest donation is that we are able to affect these vibrations and the
frequency of our thoughts. The clearer and higher the vibrations we use to
connect to our lives, the more beautiful things will become available.
If we are able to create a new reality with our thoughts by selecting them and
raising their frequency we become able to also heal ourselves, thus regaining the
energy needed to proceed on the path of our dreams.

Healing the past begins with our inner child.(By this I mean the aspect of our
personality which we lived through during our childhood.)
Our subconscious stores anything that happens around us. Every bit of
information leaves its mark in us. This appears in our energy system, our muscles
and our mind, it leaves a mark in our heart as well.

Every feeling and thought affects our lives, it becomes a guide to us. So whatever
we experienced as a child still lives in us through our Inner Child, whether we’re
aware of it or not.
Are we able to return to the moment when our Inner Child was hurt? When
something put it off balance, which still affects our lives as much as it back then?
Does this past offense define our creating power? Can it help or prevent us in
making our dreams come true and living the life we planned?
Yes it does. It’s an energy consuming process. The offense has a negative
vibration. Similar attracts similar – remember the Universal Law?
Whatever is in our subconscious reflects on the outside world.

If this past information can prevent us from becoming whoever we want to be and
possess whatever we want, then can we get rid of it?
Maybe getting rid of it is not the best form of words for the process. Let’s call it
realizing instead. And what does this mean exactly?
First off, it’s important to take responsibility for our lives. Everything happens for a
reason. We are part of every event. As a child we don’t really know how we are
part of it and we’re not aware that we can choose how to react to certain things.
As an adult however, we are able to go back in thought to the given time and
change the vibration-mark of that event clearly. We can notice the source and the
circumstances which generate the current obstacles.
Have you ever felt that you really wanted to achieve something but the thought
that you can’t do it appears in your mind again and again. These are negative and
limiting beliefs and they can originate from your childhood. Maybe you wanted to
do something but your parents said that you can’t do it or you’re too small to do
it. The more a sentence is repeated the deeper it gets in our subconscious,
leaching a deep mark in our inner child who therefore cannot express itself and fly
We have to associate bravery with taking responsibility, since not everyone is
ready to search for the source of their limiting beliefs.
The next step is understanding through perception, then letting go.

Teraxlation is a method of creation which I invented, which handles the process of
manifestation as a complex event. Certain occupations contain cleansing the
energy-chakra system, setting goals, hypnotherapy and trans-breathing. A
complex, yet very effective method.

I regularly recommend the ’one week of letting go’ method to my clients, which
are based on two meditations and can be comfortably done at home:
* exploring the roots/sources
* unlocking in the heart and surrounding with love

When you reach a period full of obstacles in your process of manifestation it’s
worth investigating where that obstacle can originate from, what can cause it
subconsciously. Where and when did the inner child first experience that feeling?
Imagine you’re a writer. You can write exceptionally well. However, the publishers
don’t notice your work. What can be the reason behind this?
Being afraid of appreciation or money? Lack of confidence? Low self esteem?

Let’s look at it step by step. Here’s my exercise.

I recommend doing this exercise on 7 consecutive days, which you can divide,
based on the chakra-phases of life, but you can just rely on the guidance of the
Priestess. (Of the Tarot)There are no limits, since the goal is to feel good about
yourself and fill yourself with energy and realization.

1 Meditation – revealing the reasons

Get comfortable, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Breathe consistently in
your own rhythm and let your body relax. Imagine yourself walking in a wonderful
forest. You proceed until you reach a field. You sit down on the grass, invest
yourself in your thoughts. You see a female figure approach you with light steps.
She reaches you and sits down next to you. You’re safe, tell her why you’re here.
Ask her to show the moments in your life which caused you to have limiting
beliefs. Ask her to take you back in time so you can find those events, the ones
which left negative marks in you. The priestess holds your hand and guides you to
the place where you can find the reasons.
Let the events and impressions flow. Be present, inspect them. Don’t try to
overwrite them or change them, simply see them as if you were watching a film.
When you feel like you’ve seen enough, take a deep breath, inhale through your
nose and exhale through your mouth. Thank the priestess for her guidance and
support. Let her leave and watch as her figure vanishes.
Now imagine the event or experience you’ve seen with the priestess. Try to recall
the people involved, the words, feelings and place them all in your heart.

2. Love Meditation

Love Meditation is based on an ancient tibetian master’s philosophy, which states
that we are able to raise things to our heart, surround it with our love, therefore
changing it and giving it a new meaning. If we place something onto the altar of
our heart it gets filled with positive vibrations and this energy gets radiated out to
the world, verifying the Universal Law.

Please, get comfortable, relax your muscles, release the pressure, and breathe.
Take slow and deep breaths.
Deep breathing opens a way for energy of the Higher Spirit and it cleanses your
energy channels.
It’s important to not take more than two deep breaths at home, get back to
normal breathing after two!
Now focus on your heart. Feel its pounding with your hands, love it, be happy for
it. Be grateful because it plays a beautiful rhythm in your body. Be grateful
because it makes you live.
Keep your hands on this area, and repeat the following mantra:
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
This word grants you happiness and good feelings. It flows through your heart,
covers it in invigorating kisses, and cleanses it of negative feelings.
When you feel the change in your body the room will become hotter. It cheers up
your soul, preparing the „frequency-field” for achieving your goals.
Now think of a person or events (from the previous exercise) who’s, what's
important to you and fills an important role in your life. Imagine them in front of
you and when you’re ready place them in your heart. Imagine them living in your
Keep this person or event in your thoughts, with your hands on your heart repeat
this mantra:
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.
You opened a way to your own miracles by placing this person into your heart and
radiating them with your love. You wished for a blessing, you blessed another
person and you brought them happiness with it. This is the key to creation.

Start a journal if you want, and answer the following questions after each day of
When was the first time you felt that you had beliefs that live in your mind and
restrain you from expressing yourself? Where was it? What physical feeling would
you associate with it?
How was your first experience with the high priestess?
Where did you feel your injuries?
Who were the people who influenced you life with their actions and thoughts?
Who were your helpers who guided you in the interest of making you become
your true self?
When you said the words of relief:”I love you” what did you feel in your soul?

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy certified hypnotherapist, LOA coach and bestselling author, compiler of Conscious Creators- How to Use the Law of Attraction Anthology (Coming out: February 17th, on the Kindle) and editor in chief of Conscious Creators Magazine