Curiosity? Involvement? A touch of voyeurism? All of the above? Perhaps. But small business owners love to find out how BIG thinkers do things differently. Case in point: A VIP group coaching call results in huge breakthroughs. Through the group coaching call, a select group of BIG thinkers listen in as other participants on the call talk about how they do things differently to boost their businesses and incomes (say that sentence twice!). Where are we? We’re at a one-of-a-kind BIG Thinking Lab. Right on the telephone, where you can participate from anywhere in the world.

The BIG Thinking Lab is a concept call created by me to get the right BIG thinkers together. More than half the call is about where they are now and what they have accomplished since the last call – with exact, precise information and insider secrets. Every Solo-preneur on the call is the owner of their business – doubling as a consultant/salesperson. They come up with their own ideas and concepts – run them by the rest of the group on the call – with the idea they will “only” run with it if it produces a high six to seven figure income. People on the call are invited to bring in their own ideas and suggestions – and listen how they can be transformed into one-of-a-kind product or service.

The idea obviously is you guessed it differentiation again – start getting used to it; I talk a lot about it, and how BIG thinkers do things differently.
My BIG thinking Lab was launched quietly. I couldn’t find any mainstream coaching that offered this kind of service that focused on how successful BIG thinkers do things differently, so I created my own.

I encourage you to spend time with BIG thinkers who do things differently and are highly successful – so others can listen and watch, then implement strategies for themselves. And I encourage you to think about any aspect of what you do that could be “opened to BIGGER and BETTER thinking” in a similar way. Hey. A little voyeurism could be good for business! And watch your Law of Attraction results improve as well.

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