The league of legends is a multiplayer video game, and many users are enjoying it. It is based on action battles in ultimate locations. For winning in the game, you have to be skilled enough, and many champions are active for it. Build your wonderful team, and jump on the action battle areas on the map. Getting success within a limited time is not an easy task. We should be experienced for a long time and know all things about the game. Higher ranking in the game is a necessary part, and no one can skip it. Every hero is ready to smash the rival camps and location, but before going there, he needs to know about proper powers.

When you are leveling up, you will get League of legends demotion shield. It is a nice way to play without any demotion. Our ranking is decided by winning matches, skills, powers, resources, and performance. Here it is not important to destroy but also a way of using abilities. Various rewards and victories the gamer will get after playing well. These things are providing nice gameplay in the league of legends.

How to get promoted in the ranking?

It is the first question that arrives in our minds, and everyone is looking for the right answer. So there is no shortcut to reach on a higher level. Focus on your efforts and skills to mark the right position. Due to higher competition, your journey in the game gives an authentic experience. There are lots of challenging levels, and each one is differently arranged so the player cannot bore while playing. Champions are the main things for every player, and you can try with around 140 champions.

Your battle match is valid for 20 to 50 minutes, and the gamer needs to finish it in between this range.Promotion in the ranking are a gradual process, so you have to wait for some time. Get additional benefits if you are a regular player.

Improve your skills with more matches

Basically, skills are a big thing for every player, but most of us are neglecting them for powers. Do not go with only powers because if you do not know how to use then, that is not worthy. Your experience is helpful in giving more skills and resources. Increase your energy by practicing many games in your division.

Protection with demotion shield

League of legends demotion shield enables various advantages, and it can also be effective in preventing any demotion of your ranking while playing. The shield is valid for around three games in the current division, and it is expiry in various conditions in the game.

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