What is the best length anger management program to take? Ironically, this is one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked of prospective anger management customers who are thinking about registering for a program. There are several ways to determine what what duration class would be the best fit for your specific needs. Here are a few suggestions to help guide your decision:

1. Court Ordered Anger Management Classes: If the court has mandated you to undergo an anger management program, then they usually determine the length, such as an 8 session anger management class or 16 session anger management class. There are also situations where the court may require a class all the way up to 52 sessions, depending on the circumstances of the offence. If the probation does not specify the duration, then it is usually up to the the anger management professional to decide how long the course should last.

2. Self Referred Anger Management Classes: If you have enough insight to know they need help, then the provider will usually tell you how long of a program they recommend. Most anger management programs are about 8-12 sessions/hours in duration. Some providers will require a pre-assessment at the beginning of the anger class to let you know areas of strength and weakness. This is sometimes helpful to determine which areas should be the point of focus during the class. Those customers in a group class or online class may want to take a simple online anger management assessment The results may also help guide you in better understanding the severity of your anger. While the pre and post tests are helpful, ultimately taking a full duration anger management class would be recommended regardless of the outcome. Anger classes cover tools that almost anyone can quickly benefit from, even if there are certain class lessons that you currently have some strength.

3. Work or Significant other Referrals: There are times when ones employer may refer to an anger management class due to an employee exhibiting bad behavior. Such classes can be taken in a group format, online, or through one/one anger management coaching. Similarly, spousal referrals sometimes refer their partners to anger management due problems in the relationship that have caused distress. Similar to the self-referred patient, most anger management classes run about 8-12 sessions total. While more classes might be helpful, most curricula can be completed in this length of time.

Anger management is a journey in self-awareness and change. Anger can erode and destroy the most meaningful of relationships. Classes are easily found on the internet but choose a quality and trusted anger class online site or find a local provider in your area.

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Ari Novick, Ph.D. is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified anger management provider for both adults and adolescents.

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Dr. Ari Novick is a psychotherapist who provides world class online anger management classes.