I had a client ask me “Does Gastric Band Hypnosis Work?” and the reality is I’ve had clients succeed and fail, but what sets them apart. Most of what motivates me as a hypnotherapist is derived from my personal experiences with addiction and what I had to learn to overcome my negative patterns of behaviour. I had to take responsibility for the changes I wanted, cultivate a state of mind the was receptive to change and work really hard to transform my self-image. Although, “really hard work” is probably a bad way to describe the process of transformation, because it’s actually incredibly enjoyable. Our current behaviours are often the hard work, but because new behaviours are sometimes only abstract concepts and our subconscious makes us perceive the unknown as a challenge to be avoided.

You have to be receptive to change to get the most out of any hypnosis session, your Hypnotherapist is only guiding you and hoping you internalise the process of change. Once your receptive to the possibility of change you can go to work, your mind is like a rock and you have to learn how to become a sculptor.

The failures we go through are tough! Getting dirt in the eye, not knowing if your taking the right steps forward, but we can all learn to stay positive, think creatively and work on our dreams. So yes Gastric Band Hypnosis can work, we sometimes have to acknowledge that we’re not all starting from the same point and we all have the capacity (at any point in life) to reimagine who we are.

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Riki Tiilikainen is an NGH Hypnotherapist, based in Dublin Ireland and has been helping people transform their lives for the last 4 years. After overcoming his own traumas he has uncovered a unique system of treatments that can be utilised to help individuals improve their personal circumstances. There is a theory in addiction therapy that the person best qualified to help you is someone with personal experience and who has overcome the issue.