When you feel anxious, you may not have a way to calm down, and you may be terrified that your anxiety will also trigger a panic attack. An overactive nervous system is causing your anxiety and panic attacks if you are experiencing them when you are truly safe.

The reason you feel anxiety in safe situations, is because something you are seeing, hearing, smelling, or feeling in that moment reminds you of a past abuse, loss or trauma. You are actually reliving that past abuse, loss or trauma, even though it feels like it is being caused in the present moment by the situation you are in.

The solution to anxiety and panic attacks is learning to release the energy causing your overactive nervous system. Your life will no longer be full of stress and anxiety when you release this stuck energy in your body and you learn how to love yourself! Your body will be calm and your mind will be alert.

Here’s a technique you can practice to feel calm and relaxed in a minute. I call it "The Slow Scan Technique"(tm): Turn your head from left to right, making a 180-degree turn. While you turn your head, look at objects in the space you’re in. Notice everything. And as you observe details, say to yourself or out loud, “I’m safe” once for each turn of your head. Next, turn your head from right to left. Observe your surroundings again, and say, “I’m safe.” Repeat the turning of your head and saying you’re safe as many times as it takes you to feel calm. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how you feel. This technique can calm your body and mind, if you are truly safe in the moment you are using it.

When you have calmed your nervous system down, you are in a great state of mind to learn how to love yourself. The secret to truly loving yourself is meeting all of your needs. This is a very tangible definition, so you will now want to assess what your needs truly are. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a great place to start analyzing what you need to focus on to truly love yourself. Are you meeting your physical needs? Are you meeting your safety and security needs? Are you meeting your belonging and acceptance needs? Are you meeting your self-esteem needs and are your meeting your self-actualization needs?

If you are not meeting your needs on a daily basis, then you can be sure that limiting beliefs, negative behaviors and trauma of some kind are blocking you. You were born with 100% self-love and you had high expectations of having your needs met.

You can regain your self-love by changing your negative programming.

Changing your negative beliefs and behaviors requires you to be aware of the wounding interactions that have taken place in your past. You need to re-experience the feelings that those interactions caused for you with loving support from another person, so you can re-decide that you are unconditionally ok.

To change beliefs and behaviors or to increase your self-esteem and self-love, most of your efforts will focus inward. The best place to start is to give yourself permission to love yourself 100%. Make this an important goal for yourself, and then identify the specific negative beliefs and behaviors in your life that are blocking you from

the success you desire.

Don’t let yourself be stuck any more. When you love yourself, you let your real

self shine: Who are you? What is your purpose? What do you love to do? What are your talents? What do you admire and respect about yourself? Nothing should be blocking you from shinning in your true light.

There is no reason, other than the negative beliefs you have, that could be

blocking you now from loving yourself 100%. Write down any negative beliefs or behaviors you have in a journal if you have one. Analyze them until you understand how you arrived at your negative conclusions about yourself or your negative behaviors. Then please forgive yourself. Recognize that you were taught to not value yourself and to behave in unloving ways by parents or caregivers who also didn’t know how to love themselves.

Take your power back. Say “no thank you” to your negative beliefs and behaviors, and decide that you are ok, lovable, special, unique, creative, brilliant, competent, witty, wise, and beautiful or handsome. Love yourself 100 percent, unconditionally. You can have true love and success in life when you give yourself the gift of self-love and eliminate your anxiety one belief, one behavior and one energy releasing technique at a time.

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Dawson, MA is a Love and Relationship Coach, a Trauma practititoner, and a Certified Couples Communication Trainer. Sandra’s mission is to increase love on our planet one coaching session, one teleseminar, one eBook, one workshop or one home study course at a time. Contact Sandra for loving support and guidance to learn to love yourself and to eliminate anxiety here: http://www.LearnHowToLoveYourself.com

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