Don't Let the Past Hold You Back

Are you looking to change your life? Then don't let the past hold you back!

Without making space by letting past events go, how will you have any room for future events? Anything that you continue to hold onto will be an anchor which stops you enjoying what happens. To know how to change your life, discover how to let go of anything which bothers you.

Life is a never ending series of experiences, both good and bad. Once you've completed an experience - when you've "been there, done that" - it's complete. But once you're finished with it, is it finished with you? Apart from travel, how do you know when an experience is complete?

The answer is surprisingly obvious, it ceases to have any mental hold on you. Once all its emotional "juice" has disappeared, that experience is complete. This explains why life keeps bring you opportunities to complete an experience, and why they are so often negative. It's easier to let go of the positive.

Treat these Two Impostors just the Same

Until you stop judging both the positive and the negative, until you can "meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat these two impostors just the same," in Rudyard Kipling's famous words, they'll continue to have a hold on you.

Whether or not you see life positively, your circumstances do enable you to move on. You need to see the situation as it actually is, without viewing it as good or bad. Emotions arise when you judge, so it will only be complete when you see it without judgment. Two people see a situation differently because they judge it differently - judgment is not built-in!

But what Does It Mean?

This question can only be answered personally - what does it mean TO YOU? Your answer will be unique, because it depends on your opinion, attitude, previous judgments, assumptions, viewpoints, as well as your belief in the prevailing social conventions glamorized by the media and accepted uncritically by others.

Life would prefer to bring you positive rather than negative situations, but if you keep ignoring the positive ones, then it will reluctantly turn to the negative to get the message across. So listen to what life is telling you, and stop holding on. If you continue to judge, then what else can life do? It turns up the volume, it increases the intensity to make it more obvious.

How to Improve

Remove all the emotional attachments from each situation, and see them all as just what happened. Then you can let them go.

But how to do this? See the next article in this Get Over It series

Food for Thought

"I am a very old man and have suffered a great many misfortunes, most of which never happened."

- Mark Twain (1835-1910), gifted American Author, brilliant humor!

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A long-term interest in spirituality, combined with the rationality of a scientific education, has given Alan Blake a fascinating edge. His outlook on life combines both these along with many other interests. To change your life, overcome any unhelpful beliefs and eliminate your self-sabotage, check out the change my life page at Life Strategies. The detailed explanation of the steps to let it go are here.