Let us share some thoughts about abundance with you. The word usually conjures thoughts of finances, but abundance is much more than that. It is all about harmonious balance and your intrinsic right to live in a way that has you feeling satiated by love, admiration and success. In fact, it is your divine right to feel this way! It is not something that you have to work at. You were born into the physical world with this value already tagging you. No child has ever been looked at with even a modicum of disdain by all of those in spirit. However, you were born with ample expectations that you would always know what it is like to be abundantly adored by an army of angels. They never truly leave you, even as you grow older.

Abundance is nutrition for the soul. When you look at it as an emotion and not a material thing, then you are on your way to understanding what we are stating. Happiness comes with a passion and respect for life. The more you find it in all areas, the more you will elevate yourself to feeling rich beyond your means. You will have a sense of idealistic inclusion in the ring of essential angels. They will provide for you, just as the Ascended Masters, including the Master Jesus, have been serving you. This is because you are well worth their time and effort. Failure is an illusion that the mind allows you to believe. It can be erased by abiding by the laws and principles of spiritual living. The more you trust in the abundance of your soul, the easier and more fulfilling your life will become.

All we request is that you honor your importance excessively. If you can be resolute in viewing yourself as special as the contingency of loving Spirits see you, then you will feel enriched. Even those children, siblings, parents and friends who have re-attained their place in the Golden Light--where they are free of obstructions of all kinds--have their hearts pulse with joyous feelings for you. Just imagine the awesome excitement they have when they look upon you and see the optimal love in your own soul. What better way to honor those who you loved then to show them how much you respect yourself and the life you were privileged with. You can always, in all ways, change what is not making you feel the abundance we have talked about. Share your love and The Spoken Words of Spirit.

Author's Bio: 

Jim is a renowned medium and psychic, but considers himself a teacher of spirituality. Although he has been doing most of his work on a more personal basis, Jim's new direction is to try to include more people to understand the simple, yet perfect connection they can have with their loved ones on the other side.

The ability to communicate with Spirits was not something he searched for. In July of 1993, while enduring a very difficult time in his life, Jim was suddenly blessed with being able to speak, see and hear numerous people and higher level souls in the other realm. He openly and actively shares the information he gets with anyone who desires to improve their life.

Jim Fargiano can be reached on Facebook and Twitter, but most easily through his website at: http://www.Jimfargiano.com. He is a widely recognized leader in spirituality and posts messages he receives from the other side almost everyday. Short quotes will be on the fan page for The Spoken Words of Spirit on Facebook, as well as on his home page. Longer messages can be read at http://www.jimfargiano.blogspot.com. If you are serious about improving your outlook on life, then take advantage of the opportunities Jim provides.