Libra (September 23 – October 22) is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. They are very social, friendly, helpful, fair, cooperative, diplomatic and gracious. More than themselves they think about others and how to help others or make them happy. They are never selfish or keep their interest above others and always strive for the greater good. They are very social people who love to be in groups or gatherings. They hate being alone, hence are always on the lookout for some company. They are great team players and perform amazingly well in groups or pairs. Home is their best comfort zone and it is where they are at their best and their lover is their best partner. Balance is the keyword for them. In everything they look for balance, be it their professional or personal life, hence they are appropriately represented by the symbol of a weighing scale. They never want to offend people or make them unhappy or take sides, hence they always try to create a perfect balance, be it between their friends and family, colleagues, neighbours etc. Making everyone happy is their ultimate goal, however in reality it may not be possible at all times, which is a little disappointing for them.

Objectivity is a great quality in them; hence they are the best people to go for if you want to solve any disputes, because they will never take sides. They will stick to truth and what is appropriate. However they will always attempt to find an amicable solution, acceptable to both the parties. They want to do what is best for everyone. Conflict is something they want to avoid at all costs and peace and harmony is what they strive for. Sometimes people find them fickle and indecisive; however they can do anything to make people happy and satisfied. Being diplomatic and organised is their inherent quality. Very good with strategies they know how to get their work done; hence they can be relied with any important works. They will never let anyone down who puts their trust on them. They have a knack for beautiful things, are refined and cultured. It is a pleasure to be associated with them and they will never make you feel uncomfortable in their company. Their superior communication skills and charming personality are magnetic in any occasion. One will never get bored in their company.

They are always aiming for higher things and make full use of their qualities and capabilities. They enjoy sharing their ideas and knowledge with others. Principled, diplomatic and reasonable they stand for the highest form of anything. They never use unfair means or manipulate things to get their work done, no matter what, they will always stick to truth and what is right. Some of the nicest and polite people on this world are the Libras. They are always open to ideas and opinions about others and are flexible enough to adjust according to the situation. They will never rigidly take a stand and refuse to budge. They can always be handled with care and affection.

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Pt. Narayan Bhatt is vedic Astrologer at OmAstrology web portal.