Do you think happiness is a state that only a few can achieve?

Does Happiness feel like an unending quest that you find yourself on?

I believe that a person has never reached true success if he has never felt real happiness. So many people think that happiness only comes after the success, but I believe that happiness comes first.

Why Do We Have to Be Happy?

I think Happiness is your birth right, it is available to each and every one of us.

People say that life is complicated enough without having to be moody or sad every single day of your life. When you are focused on the complicated bit of life, you are setting yourself up for unhappiness.

Humans were made for happiness and enjoyment of life. The happy feeling brings about the positive side of a person. So shouldn't we be starting with the happy feeling?

Mind Power

Life coaching uses the power of the mind to promote a positive effect on a person’s life. The mind is a powerful thing. It knows, it feels and it aggravates a person into action. With our minds we can change many many aspects of our life. We can change it 180 degrees if that is what we really want.

Pursuing happiness.

Actualization is achieved thru realization. A person is better able to see the road when he knows where he is going.

Even though the path is clear, it is always better when you have the support of another person like a Life Coach, who is objective. This person can assist you with the journey and help you see the path.

A life coach wants to help you achieve your full potential and find the happiness that will lead you to success in every area of you life.

Building the Habit of Happiness
1.Start with a plan
Decide what you are going to do and when you are going to do it.

2. Commit to 31 days
It is said to take between 21 and 31 days to form a new habit and make it part of your life. Commit to taking it on fully for at least a month

3. Think you can
You must believe that you can and you will form this new habit.

Follow this Habit Method and have affirmation that you can say on waking and before sleeping to help you stay motivated.

If you follow this advice you will be happier at the end of a month – guaranteed. Remember we get what we focus on, so focus on happiness and positivity.

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