In life you have one of 2 situation. The first situation is something that is totally out of your hands and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, like death or an earth quack. This is where you should know that blaming people and the nature and cursing won't get you anywhere, this is where you should accept and start to search for the message behind such event. Maybe the message will be something like, take better care of your health or drive safe, or give time to your family. With each of those events what you can do it to take a step back and think.
The other type of situation is something that you can do something about it. Do IT. Don't wait for someone else to fix things for you, don't wait for life to fix things for you, just take action, don't blame anyone, and if you must blame, blame yourself for not taking enough action. We need "problems" or challenges - as I prefer calling them - the unplanned surprises , this is one of our human needs, otherwise life would be really boring. Life throw a challenge at your face, it's your decision to face it and be a better person after such challenge or run & hide and blame the whole world for your "bad luck".
Ask yourself, what can I learn from this? If any good can come out of this, what would it be?

Author's Bio: 

Eng. Ahmed El Ibyari, M.Sc.
Founder of ibayri Coaching Academy (iCA)
Life Coach
NLP practitioner
International Trainer