A widow mother nurtured a child with showing full love and affection with good care. The boy use to play and enjoy his time with her mother during his childhood. Once the boy grew up as man, then there started difference between the thoughts and behavior of the son towards his mother. But, mother was still showing her full love and affection to him. Boy left his mother alone after some point of time; but still she was showing the love and affection through phone, SMS and Mails. Asking whether how is he? Whether he had his lunch, dinner? How is his health etc…

One day, the boy got irritated and shouted at her for disturbing him. But, still she continued to show love and affection towards him.

One day while he was on the way to his office he saw an orphanage home and some kids playing in orphanage home. Then he saw a kid going to school with his mother. The kid was playing, jumping, and was asking lot of questions to his mother. The mother patiently replied to all his questions and the man noticed the joy in face of the son and mother while replying. The boy remembered his mother's love which he got during school days.

Again while he looked at those orphanage children, his heart went to them. It disturbed him the entire day. He started pondering “When those children don’t know what motherly love is? How I was able to ignore my mother love?”

Then he started immediately to his home and met his mother. Started crying like a child on her lap and said “Mother, please forgive me. I failed to realize the value of love and affection you have shown to me and had hurt you.”

Then Mother said “That’s okay my son, at least now you had realized; many people don’t realize these things, when people are alive. They then feel bad when the person is dead”

Son asked mother “Mother, how can you show so much love and affection; even when I misbehaved with you for so many times?”

Mother replied “Son, whenever you misbehaved with me it did hurt me. But, one thing I know is the power of love and affection. When I was young, I failed to notice the love and affection of my mother; when she died she left a letter to me stating that my love and affection for you will one day make you realize my value. From that day, I had been feeling guilty for my behavior towards her. But, now I am happy, because, she thought and showed me the power of love and affection; without which I wouldn’t be what I am. So my son, you also need to practice showing love and affection to each and everybody. Some may misbehave with you, but, ignore those mistakes. Their misbehavior towards you may be due to their ignorance or they may be hurt badly by somebody else and you are just part of that spill over. So, show more love and affection to that person.”

The son learnt the life lesson from his mother.

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Madhusudhanan S is working as a consultant. He loves to write and contributes to Self growth.com.