Having problems and challenges in life is something we all face at one time or another. For most people, problems drag them way down emotionally and almost completely drain the life energy out of them.

But it doesn't have to be that way. By making a few simple adjustments in the way you view and react to your life's problems, you can quickly be on your way to eliminating the dilemma and living a better, healthier and happier life.

It all starts by making a small "shift" in your attitude towards problem solving.

Step 1: Acceptance
I have learned through many years of experience, the best way to begin solving a problem is to move your mindset to a place of acceptance.

Face it, the reality is you have a predicament that is causing you angst in your life. You are where you are, you have what you have and you cannot go back in time to change the circumstances that brought this problem to you. The human mind is only capable of giving attention to one thought at a time, whether the time you spend thinking about it is a nanosecond or many hours.

If you focus your attention on feeling sorry for yourself, wondering why this problem came into your life, trying to figure how it happened and who's to blame for your discomfort, you cannot move on to Step 2, Resolution.

If you spend more than sixty seconds thinking about any of these, then your internal alarm should go off telling you "It's time to make the shift towards solving the problem" rather than dwelling on why you have it in your life.

The fact is you cannot change the past, therefore take ownership of the problem by openly accepting it is yours to resolve, regardless of the "how, who or why" which brought it to you.

This change of attitude will not only bring you relief and make you feel better, but it will also allow you to move on to the next step where you can begin to eradicate it.

Step 2: Resolution
Once you take responsibility for the problem, the rest is easy because you can now shift your train of thought to a place of finding a solution.

Here's my secret for resolving any kind of problem. Please keep in mind this process will work in all areas of your life including relationships, health, finances, career and business.

First, you must be aware that "problem solving" involves following a process. And to get through the process it is going to take you a certain amount of time, which may be unknown. The good news is, the sooner you begin the process the sooner you'll get your problem resolved.

To begin, break the resolution of the problem down into bite-size, manageable tasks: things you can do by following a step-by-step procedure that will ultimately get you to your end result, no more problem!

Remember, you have accepted the problem as yours; therefore, you are responsible for taking the action to get rid of it. To avoid disappointment, make your "tasks" items that you will do, rather than assigning them to someone else who may not have the same drive and motivation to complete them.

Next, follow your plan one step at a time. Do not skip any tasks or start the next task on the list until the one you are currently focusing on is complete. Remember this is a process, and all you need to do to ultimately fix your problem is keep your attention on completing the current task.

In no time at all, you'll begin to see each completed task dropping off your list as you progress through your resolution plan and get closer and closer to eliminating your life's problem.

How A Life Coach Can Help You
Sometimes it's hard to "see the forest through the trees" when you are faced with a difficult life challenge.

Thought needs to be put into your resolution plan and decisions need to be made which may not be easy to do when you are in a state of emotional imbalance. This is where a life balance expert and coach can help you.

Because a good Life Coach can remove their ego and beliefs from the coaching relationship and be completely non-judgmental, they can help you solve your problem by viewing it from a different, non-biased position.

This additional viewpoint will help bring clarity to your resolution plan, as well as help you define each step needed towards reaching your goal.

A top Life Coach will use a time-honored systematic approach, along with their personal life transformation experience, to guide you in developing a sensible step-by-step resolution plan that will be easy for you to follow.

They can also help you stay on track towards eliminating your problem and guide you each step of the way.

When you are faced with a tough life challenge, it makes good sense to set the very first task of your resolution plan to finding a life coach who can help you complete the rest of your plan with ease and assist you in solving your life's problem.

Author's Bio: 

Ed McDonough is a certified personal development and business coach, and the founder of Intuitive Life. He specializes in helping people raise the quality of their life through knowledge, awareness and simple action. For more information and to take your free quality of life assessment visit: www.MyLifeCoached.com