Let's do a little thought experiment, take you left arm and throw it straight up into the air! easy right? Now let's try something else, stop all thoughts you are currently having and just be present in the moment, a lot harder huh! It's interesting that our mind (an extension of us, just like our arm) is a lot harder for us to control!

Having clear mastery over our thoughts is critical for success in any field! Academic, sports or business, if you can't keep your own mind in check then you will have a hard time climbing the ladder of success. This is why meditation is a powerful tool, that is strongly recommended to help train discipline within the mind. Unfortunately meditation can be seen as taboo and often eccentric. In this article, we will discuss the similarities a leisure activity such as snorkelling has in common with meditation.

Have you ever gone snorkelling? Well if you have then you would know all about the amazing different fish and their colours, that live below the surface of the water, and it's not only the fish! Amazing species of coral and aquatic plant life can be found too. Below the ocean surface, there is a lot of beautiful and unknown things to be found, this can also be said about the human mind.

When you go scuba diving or snorkelling with a full face snorkel mask you will find that at the bottom of the ocean lies an amazing world that seems to sit still and within the silence you find an inner peace that just can't be obtained from other external sources. Meditation is the same experience and enables the conscious mind to reach a feeling of peace within our own mind. Ask any diver, when they emerge from the water they are always refreshed, their mind is clear and simply joyful, this is due to the similar elements both snorkelling and meditation share. Here are seven more reasons why they are similar.

In both snorkelling and meditation and even acupressure have a rhythmic breath that must be kept

Both practices lead to strong breathing patterns that calm both the mind and body (very commonly used by professional athletes)

In both activities, the focus of the mind is turned inwards and our usually cluttered minds witness moments of peace and serenity with every breath.
During dives to the bottom of the ocean you experience a weightless sensation, this is a similar experience that people have when in a deep meditative state.

Both diving and meditation require singular focus in order to become one with our surroundings, our breath, heartbeat and spirit become one!

Diving a lot like meditation takes our mind away from the daily pressures, stress and routines. Ask anyone who has gone snorkelling or diving, they will tell you as soon as they have left the water they are recharged and stripped of anxiety

Finally and ultimately both scuba diving, snorkelling and meditation can help us train our mind to become calmer when we face stress within our lives.

If you live near any body of water then you need to try out snorkelling as a way to unwind and gain control of your conscious mind. A lot of people can be intimidated by meditation or think its to difficult for them, with snorkelling and diving you can get anyone involved no matter how young or old!

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With over 15 years’ experience in the science of acupuncture, DIY acupressure, pressure point stimulation and meditation. My goal is to provide helpful information that can be taken and used to help improve the quality of life. Jean