What does it mean to live in a person’s strength zone? Every day millions of people go to work and participate in tasks that have very little meaning or value to them personally. They struggle with the monotony of working in a job or position that does not fulfill them. When I often train or teach leadership in business or organization I often witness management spending large sums of money training people in their area of weakness. The truth is there is no such thing as a “well rounded person.”

Every person will be strong in certain things and weak in others. I often teach that every person should live in their strength zone. Work in your area(s) of strength and delegate your area(s) of weakness. My mentor, John Maxwell always says, “You cannot take a duck to eagle school.” In other words, once weak in a given area, always weak in a given area. Once you identify your areas of strength, spend money and resources developing them. A person may grow and improve in their area(s) of weakness but it will never become a personal strength. I will often tell every day leaders to focus their time and attention in areas where they are strong. For instance, if you connect well with people and get energized from being in the presence of others, then you should be working with people.

This may be in the area that involves communication, such as a greeter, a salesperson, an educator, or a speaker. If you are currently in a position where you cannot change jobs, then identify your top three strengths and integrate them into your current position. If you cannot integrate them due to the specific role of your job, then you need to get a new job. Otherwise you will be miserable and you will make the lives of the people around you miserable as well.

Here are three things you can do to find your strengths:

1. Identify your passions (organization, people,
helping others, leadership, writing, etc.)
2. Are you more task-focused or relationship focused?
3. If you could pick any one career or job, what would
it be?

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Justin Flunder is a leading authority on personal and professional leadership, taking every day leaders from where they are to where they want to be. Justin has been personally been trained by the world's #1 leadership expert, John Maxwell and his team and uses this experience and knowledge to transform others. As a practical leadership author, professional speaker and trainer, and coach, Justin in the process of equipping 1,000,000 leaders within the next 5 years.