We are used to this way of assuming, as we were told, that when we are born, we are a blank slate. While we grow, we learn everything from parents, school, community… all outside of ourselves. And based on what the society needs and what’s available, we decide what to do as our “career”. We get married at a certain age, have children at a certain age, and house, car, a pension plan… That sounds like what life is all about.

Until our soul cries out, “No!”

The soul’s cry starts out gentle, but if we miss it, or ignore it, it gets louder and louder. Sometimes it gets catastrophic and painful to get our attention – Illness, loss of a job that we’ve hated for a while but fearfully clung on, breakup from a relationship… those kinds of things, so we can wake up to our deeper dimension.

What is in there, our deeper dimension that we generally don’t notice existing, but it’s our eternal self? Surprise, there’s no pension plan, no car, no house, no job… Before we embark upon a life, we as souls decide what the focus and intent of this physical life will be, in whatever shape or form it takes. Compared to the denser physical reality, our soul has a clearer vision. It knows we come here to do nothing but to create, to think for ourselves! Each every one of us has unique energy, and it can bring forth a bountiful creation, never seen before.

Human existence starts with babyhood, when we have to “learn” everything from adults who have completely lost connection with their own deeper dimensional self, their soul. What often happens, before we know it, we find ourselves completely engaging the linear. We are completely hypnotized by the linear world and its worldview.

Ironically, it is through hypnosis practice that we can bring people into a state where they bypass the outside input, clear up the cloud, and open up to experience their own inner dimension, their soulful intention, their truth.

We all know we should think for ourselves, but yet we all are afraid to do so. Isn’t this mass hypnosis! Influence of others often hinders our confidence, because if someone cannot imagine something, they are going to tell you that it is impossible for you to do so. From their point of view, it is a valid observation, however, there is no way we should down play our own IMAGINATION and allow others’ lack of it to form our beliefs and creations, the most valuable tool of thinking may be compromised.

“Thought creates reality.”

It is important every day to appreciate your abilities of creativity, namely, your IMAGINATION.

Whenever possible, allow your thoughts and imagination to run with freedom. They are gifts from your soul.

Be bold! But not for the being bold sake.

Be different! But not for the being different sake.

Be yourself! If that means that you have to be bold and different, so be it.

You came here to express your energy, not someone else’s. Listen to your soul. Your reasons for being here needs to be expressed without the interference of others. Start living vertically, into your deeper knowingness, the soulful dimension, while you still live horizontally, view others and their opinions with respect.

Only when you allow your own creativity to come forward, you accomplish what you are here for.

Author's Bio: 

Kemila Zsange, a Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist, lives and practices hypnotherapy in Vancouver, BC. She uses hypnotherapy, a special self-healing tool to help people awaken to their own power. Visit her website: www.kemilahypnosis.com for more information.