An anonymous member writes: “I am going to give (name deleted) your phone number - it's her turn to take care of herself.”

… when we have done everything we know (and God knows we give it everything) … except permission … permission to believe it’s okay to move away from chaos and into taking charge of our lives.

All the while we’re moving through life we get tired… we want better. Our radar is searching for a fix –self-medicating with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work – you get the idea… anything to reduce the anxiety… should we move in closer to examining our thoughts and behaviors the anxiety increases.

Living Life or Waiting to Die?

Freedom begins with believing there really is a better way

Freedom occurs when we move up the ladder for guidance

Freedom is realizing that a problem can’t be solved with the same thoughts and behaviors causing it

Freedom occurs as we invite a professional who is objective and who shares our blind spots with us

Freedom occurs as we let go of self- recrimination

Freedom occurs when we let go of blaming others

Freedom occurs as we examine and challenge our thinking and our patterns

Freedom occurs when we give ourselves permission to really believe that we have the ability to change

Freedom occurs as we realize most of our thoughts are a composite of the past and we can change those causing us resistance

Freedom occurs when we realize we’re human and making mistakes is okay

Freedom occurs when we realize mistakes allow us the opportunity to improve

Freedom occurs when we learn to say no and set boundaries

Freedom occurs when a person changes their mind – they respond with a choice that works for them rather than in opposition

Freedom occurs when we don’t take ourselves so seriously, we can play and have fun!

Freedom is a choice …

Living life is a choice too…

May you make a choice that you can live with.

Wishing you a wonderful day!
Glenda Gibbs

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