You feel that something is wrong in your marriage, something about your husband. You are not as close as you used to be and that is making you hurt. You suspect your husband of adultery but you are not sure and you want to find out the truth. The first thing you should to do is to look for common signs of a husband having an affair.

Here is a list of 5 common signs of a husband having an affair:

1. Your husband is spending less time with you and more with a specific person. Maybe your husband is starting to go to the gym and he have new gym buddies including women or he is spending a lot of time on projects at work with his co-workers and he is coming late in the night at home. He might be working harder but also these might be signs of a husband having an affair.

2. He is interested in his appearance more than usual. When people are in long-term relationships like in a marriage, they tend to be less preoccupied on their appearance and a sudden change in his look may be one of those obvious signs of a husband having an affair. When your husband is trying to look good more than usual, then he might be having an affair.

3. Your sex life has changed. If you used to have sex all the time and suddenly there is a change in your sex life then this can be one of those signs of a husband having an affair. This change may vary and it can be an increasing or a decreasing interest in sex. These changes could mean nothing but they could also be signs of a husband having an affair.

4. He is missing from home more than usual. The most common signs of a husband having an affair is when he is starting to go on business travel for days and even weeks and also spending late nights working at his office. If these infidelity signs are starting to appear in your relationship it is time to start asking your husband questions and be more careful so you can be prepared when you will know for sure that your husband is having an affair.

5. Your husband is avoiding you all the time. You don't spend time with your husband as much as you used to and the communication in your relationship is gone. He is going to work before you get up in the morning and when he come home he says that he is too tired and he go straight to bed avoiding any conversation with you.

Look for these stereotypical signs of a husband having an affair and find out the truth so you can face the moment when he will tell you or find out yourself about the affair.

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