I LOVE YOU - this sentence is very powerful...
The Love Meditation opens the door to the Miracle.
This is the one parts of Teraxlation method.
Try it!

Please, close your eyes and take a nice deep breath. Breath in, and breath out slowly…Relax…Every deep inhalation opens the way for the energies of the DivineSelf, and each slow exhalation cleans the energy channel. Focus on your heart. Feel the rythm of your heart. Connect it!
Your heart is home your dreams. Feel it. Relax and breath…

Put your hands on your heart. Feel the rythm. Love it! Joy it! Be thankful for his music, his voice. Be thankful for life. Please repeat: I LOVE YOU,I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU
This sentence full of happy, joy and feeling good. Fills your heart and clearing from the negative thoughts. This sentence is grow up your frequencie, and helps your dream become true.
Think of a person, who is importan to you. Imagine at...Please repeat : I LOVE YOU , I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU
If you put in heart someone, you radiant love. This love opens the way to miracles of yourself, and this love blessed the person.
The blessing is the Love. The Love is the Blessing.
Think yourself and imagine at your dream came true…See it! Feel it! Imagine at! When your energy is focus on your dream, please repeat : I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU

Have a magical blessed day!

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