what does this mean exactly... when you hinge on the words of others and rely on this to know exactly what you feel.. this is not enlightenment and it is not who you are... Ever seen a dog with self esteem issues. Or a bird who was depressed cause it couldn't fly straight.. what about a horse with erectile dysfunction. Well you will never see this cause it never exist. The mind that we all possess not only steers us in the wrong direction but others as well.

Self is the statement that starts inside and continues to stay inside till it is ready to flourish just as a flower would. However self can be confusing as it doesn't have the basic understanding of the human mind. I know someone who is under false notion that they have peace within them.. and although they feel peace they are lost in the sense that they project a love that is not able to be expressed without physical and mental emotion.

This leads me to understand something further in the way we as humans operate as it pertains to love of self. If you manifest the desire to love deeply yet the love within you is not present how will you hear, feel, or understand the love that is being given to you by someone who does possess this within. You won't it will be an illusion of something that is not real. You can express happiness but not truly feel the power of the happiness or even better the peace within. How could you? You can't.. it is not the way the self love works.. You ever been hurt in a love relationship when you should have walked away.. yet you couldn't... well you couldn't because you didn't have love of self.. intentional pain or even unconscious pain are there for a reason they show you a pain that is not only addictive but will only continue to haunt you within that same love relationship. It will keep showing you highs and lows.. each with a higher and lower of both happiness and sadness.. this identity that we keep within us.. keeps us familiar as the unknown is not something that we care to even let come into our existence. So you stay in this place for an undetermined amount of time till we realize that we no longer can stay within this... then to separate from this is a great pain.. but not.. it is pain of not knowing who you are without this within your life.. so back and forth... forth and back to start a cycle of explosions that can almost feel as though you are free from the pain but not...

You hold on to this for a couple of reasons but none of which make any kind of sense... it is insanity at it's greatest... as this within you tells you that you have no idea what you are doing so stay numb... you hinge on every word.. your smile no longer is your smile but that to which you have attached yourself to for the times that you can. You stay in a dream state... but why? why stay like this? what purpose does it serve? why do you stay in a love that will not allow you to embrace the part of yourself that can make you whole within yourself? why stay miserable within to realize that if you take the time to embrace your own self.. your self will grow and allow that to which will be the best part of your life to come to you..

Some spirits are giving spirits and some others are selfish.. what if the opposites find each other and develop a relationship.. well it will end.. maybe not today... maybe not tomorrow.. but it does have an end.. only two like spirits will blossom won't they.. as the opposites can't understand the other... so what happens then? why are you with me can't go unanswered for too long... why you want and need me can't go unanswered for too long either... what about how long do you feel you can go with the emptiness of speaking to you without words knowing that it is not only possible but it is something you can't be without any longer... but you sacrifice this love for all others that could possibly come to you without any remorse... why? what is in it for you?

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Lee Patterson
Author What is Love??

Create the most beautiful masterpiece that is you!  You don't have to get rid of the past.  You don't have to find a place to start a new, you just have to embrace all that to create a beautiful place in you that always needed to be a part of you.  Whether tragic, painful, sad, someone did something to you, you did something to someone else,  You can put all those pieces into yourself to be yourself without all the things in it that keep you from yourself.