You have spent countless weekends positioning your business, tweaking your product, perfecting your offer. Tirelessly sacrificing your free time, investing all your efforts into your passion, your dream, your wonderfully spectacular goal. You have built it and you're ready to reap the fruitful rewards when…

With little warning, literally overnight, the world suddenly changes. The rules were frantically rewritten, the access to your clients became extremely limited, and ‘business as usual’ abruptly and quickly held to a new definition.

So we are now faced with a new dilemma, on this precipice of the unknown; how do we maintain momentum during this global slowdown?

3 Key Activities for Your Business

As the dawn of the new norm brings the instability of fear and panic, the loss of predictable income, and limitation to your business, that are far outside of your contingency plans, you are left with two choices; sink or swim.

Your natural instinct is to survive, to thrive in the face of adversity and to shine in the glory of triumph.

That is the outlook needed to become a market leader in this new and uncharted climate.

As I amp'd up my activities, I knew there were 3 key activities that would prove to be the most effective and rewarding for my business. If done correctly, you will bring to fruition more than you’ve planned or desired, soon realizing there is hope and benefit to a global slowdown, for you and your clients too.

Action Item One - Stay Active on Social Media.

This is not the time to retreat, to panic or lower your voice. This is the time to be present, to lead, to inspire and draw attention to what you offer. But you can no longer do it in the pre-slowdown way. You will need to be creative in how you share your messaging.

Joint ventures- - cross promoting, hosting online meetups, offering free content of value, and being your true authentic self.

Remember, people are looking for a break from the perils they’re facing. Your business may offer the distraction they need and if done correctly, may just lift their spirits, turning them into a referral client, just because you stayed present in a time of crisis.

The Second Action Item - Podcasts

This is a strategy I began, with laser focus and determined intent, to be a champion of for 2020. My mission, be a guest- - on multiple podcasts shows each month of the year for the entire year.

This is not a simple task. It will take some planning, online networking, and campaigning to draw the opportunities to you. But now more than ever, people will turn to the power of the podcast to help them through these frightening times. People are looking for inspiration, motivation and solutions that will bring them hope.

Learning is suddenly a valuable currency and will be a game changing asset in this untrodden future.

Your Last Action Item - Blog What You Know

If the global slowdown gave me one gift, it was the gift of time. Time for my kids, time for my wife and time to write. There are many ways to share your writing. Many places to connect with your clients and help people with the solution you share.

With time comes curiosity, inquisitiveness, exploration; this is how they will find you. They will look for answers to questions they never had time to answer, until now. Your blog may be the golden nugget they were seeking, but didn’t realize where to find it.

This will drive people back to your website, Amazon page- -Amazon page, social media hub, or anywhere you direct them.

When you marry all three strategies together, in unison, you develop a magnetizing voice that will empower and inspire your audience to follow you and become a client.

This is how you maintain momentum during a global slowdown.

Author's Bio: 

W.T. Hamilton is the award winning author of the ONE Chapter Book, The Harsh Truths- - and the co-author of the Your Invincible Power- - book series. He is a business consultant, speaker and author helping driven entrepreneurs solve business problems One Chapter book at a time.