We all have our wishes and dreams. That is so great! Sometimes the best of our wishes and dreams seem to simply occur without any effort; sometimes not. For some of us, the best of our wishes and dreams seem to simply happen without any thought; for some of us not.

Very often I am asked questions such as, “Why I am not a good manifestor?” or, “How can I be better at manifesting?”

The reality is that we are all good manifestors. We are born to manifest and co-create the happenings of our entire life. We manifest things all the time—both what we like and want as well as what we do not like and do not want. What we really mean and seek to do is to manifest as many good things as possible into our lives.

Here is the first important tip: Say to yourself, “I manifest more of what I want in my life.” Do you feel the difference? This way of framing empowers us with a sense of being aligned with our intentions and our true self, setting positive expectations around desired outcomes.

In the same way, if we constantly complain about what is happening to us, we will attract only more unpleasant experiences into our life. Make this affirmation the ‘mantra’ in your life: “Only good things happen to me.” Soon you will experience the difference it makes. What we focus on are the seeds that grow!

We all have learned many ways to manifest what we would like to have, be or become… But – we are not quite aware of how we are manifesting—all the time…

Just to think of something helps to bring it into our life; however, it depends on our level of connectedness, which for most of us keeps our chances of creating something in this way to maybe about 10%. This is fortunate: We need not fear that everything we think of will happen. In any case, we need to be mindful and very careful of what we “wish.”

Our words are very powerful. To talk about something raises the probability of it happening to between 30% and 40%. This is why it is very important to be mindful also of what we say—to others and most especially to ourselves. With changes in the way we talk to others and our self-talk—becoming gentler and kinder, more supportive and more compassionate—we raise our consciousness, our energy vibrations, and our self-esteem, and thereby our chances to manifest our true heart’s desires.

And when we start to visualize something, we increase the probability of it happening to between 40% and 50%.

And when we write down something, we boost the chances of it happening to between 60% and 70%.

The best way to ensure the likelihood of something we want to manifest is to calm our mind so it enters into theta-state corresponding to an energy frequency of 4 to 7.5Hz. This is a state of deep meditation and light sleep that includes all-important REM dream activity: We are then conscious of our surroundings, but our body is deeply relaxed. It’s the state in which we can consciously create our own reality. Our chances to manifest what we want while we are in theta-state jump to from 80% to 90%!

Meditation helps tremendously to calm the mind. Energy-healing, too, is an excellent way to reach theta-state—and with cumulative effects. The more and easier you are able to still your mind, the faster and easier it becomes to attract what you want into your life.

Now, you’re on your way to becoming a Master Manifestor! For more support and guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here, or join me at my next Attract Abundance Workshop.


Author's Bio: 

Svetlana is a Master Energy Therapist and Certified Holistic Wellness Coach.

Svetlana applies a variety of powerful energy-healing, energy-psychology, and holistic coaching practices to help clients regain their innate strength and release the “blocks” that hold them back from moving toward a better, more fulfilling life. Empowering women is her principal focus: to help to create a quantum shift from limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs, find relief from anxiety and emotional distress, move out of victim-mentality mode, regain energy, become inspired, build self-confidence and take control of life.

Through their work with Svetlana, clients change at a profoundly deep cellular level, becoming empowered to step into a new life full of possibilities, to achieve effortlessly desired goals and dreams, and to find renewed abundance of joy and love in life. She also teaches life-changing “break-through” workshops.

Svetlana works with clients across the globe from her home base in Toronto. For more information on Svetlana and her services please visit: www.newzest4life.com