Are you ready to achieve success in your life or career but constantly feel drained or overwhelmed? That’s natural because we are consistently bombarded with tasks, emails, phone calls, text messages, and social media. You might have the greatest intentions, but still find obstacles getting in the way of you attaining your goals. When I first start working with my clients, we take a look at their time management skills to ensure they’ve minimized distractions. Some people still find they have so much going on, and have too many things on their To Do List.

If this sounds like something you can relate to, its time to focus on clearing away anything blocking you, to make room for success. Do you think that you don’t have enough resources or support to apply for a lead position at work? Are you dreaming about taking vacations or family trips because you don’t believe you have enough money? Maybe you feel stuck in a job you hate because you’re so stressed out and are consumed by the position. Working with a life coach can help you achieve success in different areas. What is one thing you would want to work on? Make room for success in three easy steps!

Organize your environment- There is a major benefit to cleaning up your space. Arranging your office, desk, house, and closets can give you peace of mind almost instantly. Throw away anything that isn’t of value and can’t be given away. When you can easily locate your supplies and belongings, this minimizes a lot of the subconscious stress we put on ourselves. This frees up your mind to think about more important things, like reaching your goals. What kind of results could you achieve if you had more time and a more positive attitude?

Donate the excess- Previously you organized your surroundings. Donate anything that is no longer useful to you, but could be helpful to someone else. A good rule of thumb is to clear away anything that you haven’t used in the last three months (if it isn’t a seasonal item). Giving not only helps others but it’s a meaningful practice for your mindset and attracting success. Think about what information, tools, or resources you received from others that helped get to where you are today? How can donating some of the excess items in your life help someone else?

List the things you are tolerating- Think about the little annoyances in your life. What is something that you could stop worrying about if it was handled or fixed? Maybe it’s the check engine light on your car, a broken door handle, or a conversation you really need to have with your boss. It sounds simple but most people are walking around with a list of 15 or more issues they are tolerating, but not actively taking steps to handle. This weighs you down! Who could ever find the time to start a new project or business when their laptop needs to be fixed, their sink leaks, and their car won’t start?

If you are seriously ready to achieve success in your life and career, you have to create the space for it. This usually means getting your environment in order. A lot of seemingly small annoyances actually prevent us from getting the results we want. In addition, those things pile up making you stressed or overwhelmed by consuming your time and energy. What action can you take to make room for success in your life?

Author's Bio: 

Porschia Parker is a Certified Professional Coach, Founder of Fly High Coaching: and the Millennial Performance Institute.

When she is not coaching, Porschia enjoys traveling, cooking, and working with animals.

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