Things to DO when cleaning tile floors

-Regularly wash and take out water as quickly as possible.

-Rise with a gentle detergent.

-Vacuum on a regular basis, at least twice a week for large areas.

-Never apply wax to ceramic tiled flooring.

-Do not regularly use ammonia based cleaners or sturdily acidic based cleaners as the grout will wear away and degrade over time. Use them to get rid of hard to remove stains from tile and grout, but not as a regular cleaning agent.

-Non epoxy grouts should be sealed at least twice a year with silicone based grout sealers as this will help keep them cleaner and stop dirt getting beneath the grout. Always clean the grout prior to applying a sealer.

-Clean up all spills right away to put off staining of the grout.

-Tiles such as marble and granite and easier to preserve and clean than ceramic tiles, on a regular basis cleaning them with warm water will keep them flawlessly clean and in immaculate condition.

-Prior to cleaning the bathroom tiles, let the shower run hot water to steam the dirt loose, this will save you a lot of time scrubbing.

-For stains that simply aren't budging, apply a paste of scouring powder and water. Let this paste sit on the stain for 5 minutes. Scrub with a nylon scrub pad, rinse and go over or wipe dry if the stain is removed.

-When trying to remove mildew it's best to sponge with a solution of ammonia and water, use cautiously and do not wash the entire tiled floor with the solution. Only the parts with mildew and mould you are trying to get rid of.

-To get rid of soot and charcoal stains from a fireplace or the tiles near a fireplace, create a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Apply this solution to the tiles and wash carefully.

Things to avoid when cleaning tile floors

-Do not use tough steel wool or too much scouring powder or other abrasives that can scrape the finish of the tile.
These are for stubborn, hard to remove stains. Not for regular cleaning.

-Do not habitually use ammonia or bleach based cleaning agents as they will fade your grout.

-Don't let spills assemble for too long as they will soak into the grout and stain the tiles.

-Ceramic tiles are highly sturdy but will crack and chip if too much force and pressure is applied, be mindful of the furniture and load you place on the tiles.

-When moving heavy things across your tiled floor, such as a grand piano, it’s best to have a lot of extra help rather than scrape and damage your tiles.

-Cover the foot stands and table legs of furniture with tile guards to protect the floors from being damaged.

Hopefully these tips are useful to you and the health of your tiles improves by the application of the above. Hope these tips saved you some trouble and some money by saving you from finding these things out the hard way. Good luck with your tile and grout cleaning Melbourne you can hire pros for a more thorough solution on how to clean your tiles and methods which work.

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Adler Conway live in Melbourne and work full time as a freelance writer and editor. She is passionate about Cleaning Services and writes blogs on various cleaning services.