We’ve all done it, made a resolution and in a fit of urgent determination we vow to get fit, join the gym, stop smoking or change some other unwanted habit. Then, quicker than we can say “to hell with it” our old behaviour and old self re-surfaces and with a sigh of resignation we return to our old patterns.

Sound familiar? If it doesn’t read no further for you are one of the rarest of beings.

If, on the other hand, the first paragraph is oh so familiar read on because what I am about to tell you will help you change your life!

Do not make resolutions. They are pre-destined to fail in most cases. Instead make a New You. Let me explain. I am not suggesting a full scale change of personality and character. What I am suggesting is building a stronger self image and self belief and this is much easier than it sounds. It does take commitment to yourself. It does take persistence and it will mean using your brain. There are no magic diets or magic pills or magic of any kind, except the magic you already possess in your brain/mind. This is a magic you can rely on when you use it with determination and in ways that are both pleasurable and rewarding as you move toward and achieve your goals.

The first thing to understand and accept is that you are the luckiest creature alive. No matter what you might believe right now. You have between your ears the most exquisite thing in the known universe, your brain. What is more, it not only creates your reality, it’s potential can be harnessed to achieve your goals in life. But there is one proviso - you must believe it can!

So many seemingly impossible things have been and will be achieved by people who know this and accept the fact that only they can do it. No pills, no Gurus, no fads.

So how did they, how do they, how will you do it?

They had a belief. A belief that said even though things may be challenging now, if I am persistent on my chosen path, I will succeed. They knew what they wanted. They had a direction and a strategy to follow. They knew this in a special way, with both their conscious desire and their unconscious process at a level that engaged their imagination.

With their mind’s imagination they can connect their conscious desires to their unconscious abilities and make their dreams come true. And you can too because we all have a brain and if we use it for a change we can! As Einstein said “imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Here are 4 Steps to make your resolutions a reality using Hypnotic NLP

Step one: Find somewhere you can relax and won’t be disturbed. Listen to some soft ambient music and begin to relax. Focus your mind on the smooth flow of your breath as you let your muscles relax gently from head to toe, imagining a place of comfort to you. Go inside and drift down in comfort. Take all the time you need to become completely immersed in the experience of relaxation.

Step two: Create a realistic image of yourself. One that you know in your heart is really achievable, be brave make it how you want it to be. Know that what you believe is what you become. Make that image or feeling strong and as clear as possible with colours and sounds; be right inside that image with your imagination under your command going in the direction of your hearts desire.

Step three: See what it takes, feel how good it feels to do what is right for you to become that image; immerse yourself in that image and enjoy the fact that you are in control. Experience it as already done; it is just a matter of time as you do what is right to achieve your goal.

Step four: Relax even more as you determine to be persistent and tenacious in your resolve to make the change you desire.

If you use your imagination/mind in this way consistent changes will happen and you will finally keep your Resolutions!

Author's Bio: 

Matthew Ferguson SQHP
(Clinical hypnotherapist, Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP, Stress Consultant and Motivation Coach) – author of The Motivation Method series of mp3’s and CD’s. Matthew runs a training school in Scotland teaching Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching to learn more visit http://www.motivationtraining.co.uk where you can get his Hypnotic Download “The Courage to Change and the Patience to Grow”
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