Making long distance relationships work. A certain mind set is required by those who wish to make a long distance relationship work. Both parties to the relationship have to be equally committed, and they have to be both trusting and trust worthy. Without these ingredients, doubts and fears will wriggle their way into your mind and begin to eat away at your relationship.

In many ways if you have the right attitude, a long distance relationship can be substantially closer than a relationship in which the parties co-habit for 365 days of the year. There are many reasons for this. The main one is probably the fact that you do not get into a hum-drum routine where every day begins to look the same and you start to take each other for granted.

The periods of time when you are apart allow you to appreciate the benefits of being together; you realize how much you have in common, you miss your partner and your feelings for each other become even more powerful and positive. When you communicate on the telephone for days or weeks at a time you make good use of those conversations; you pay full attention to each other, and save things up to chat about. If you were together all of the time, it could become easy to only pay scant attention to each other and not fully focus.

In many ways a long distance relationship is more intense because of this time spent apart. You become very focused upon putting your relationship first, as opposed to last which is what sadly happens in so many cases. You find yourself working harder when you are apart and getting as many "jobs" done as possible so that when you get together you can just be together and enjoy each other. In may well be that it is not a case of making long distance relationships work but rather these types of relationships can work well because of being forced to spend time apart.

If you think about how your mind works, it is easy to appreciate how a long distance relationship can be so very, very powerful. Just the sheer fact that you prioritize your "together" time, either on the telephone or in person, means that you will be more fully aware and open to enjoying that time.

Your mind works in such a way that what you expect to happen tends to dictate that which does in fact pan out. And so as you feel excited about getting together again, and look forward to being together, just these anticipatory emotions will make the actual event better as well. Your own expectations intensify your emotional experiences together.

The fact that you have many opportunities to "miss" your partner reinforces to you how very much you care; you have a regular reminder of how you care deeply for this person. All of these things serve to make your relationship stronger, except for a couple of provisos which I mentioned earlier; you both have to be committed, trusting and trustworthy.

If you are not committed these same emotional effects will not take place. Instead, you will use your time apart to enjoy your freedom and do as you please; time will not be spent in building your emotional attachment to that other person or growing your relationship in a positive way. Equally, if you doubt your partners faithfulness and fidelity, your emotional experience will be extremely negative and filled with worry and fear; your relationship will be soul destroying.

This latter effect is not peculiar to long distance relationships; it stands true for all relationships. To make any relationship work you need to have a strong sense of self; you have to believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself. In this way you will be able to relax, have fun and build a great partnership. You will also have the confidence to trust your own instincts, and move away from a relationship in which the other party is uncommitted.

Making long distance relationships work is actually not that difficult a task, so long as you bring to them the right mind set.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for confidence and relationship issues.

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