Is it more of an effort to keep the facade of being calm and in control at work while the anger fumes inside you? France has introduced legislation to criminalise shouting and applies to both men and woman and to co-habiting couples as well as married couples. If you spend your day at work with the outward look of being calm, the irritation and annoyance that you cannot display at work tends to spill over into the home. Shouting at the children, being irritated that your significant other hasn't cleaned the house to your specifications or hasn't the children in bed - these are just ways you are looking to release your anger.

And how do you feel after your outbursts - guilty - guilt for your behaviour on the innocents. But who is the most upset by this clash of personality, this Jekyll and Hyde - it is you. You may find your body suffering in different ways from headaches, insomnia, irritability, generally feeling down, IBS, impotence. You have to find a way to (a) manage what is going on inside you and (b) release the guilt.

Hypnosis gives you that key. Hypnosis is in itself a concentrated relaxation. Forgetting about outside stimulus and controlling your breathing as you give yourself permission to notice where the rage lives, because it is never quiescent. In this way, you can notice where your anger lives if it is inside your head, your body. You think about how you want to be. The mind does not know the difference between what is real or what is imagined and now you are directing it as to how you want events, situations to be. We add feelings and sensations to this image, to bring it to life. We bring the feeling of accomplishment about how you are in control of what goes on inside you. It is bringing the mind and body together to work for you. Past negative programming to do with societal demands has allowed you to be one person at work and another at home. This is too much of a strain, this incongruity. As one client told me at the end of his first session - "I feel whole again".

As you benefit from this new programming, you start to build your self confidence. The sense of high alert your body experiences with anger is lessened. You will find yourself better able to handle people, places and situations, the previous emotional triggers, in a better way, able to express yourself in your body language and in your words. Hypnosis gives you access to the feelings you have, how to control them and an understanding of why you feel the way you do.

Your body also benefits from the relaxation element of hypnosis. With hypnotherapy, therapy through hypnosis, we can break the emotional ties to the past. The tension in your body releases as you are no longer in the fight mode. The tension headaches disappear, IBS symptoms can be eliminated because the stomach is no longer in a knot. All the negative effects can be reversed. All of this is with the power of your own mind!

Our habits and responses are stored in the subconscious mind and it makes sense that the only way to change the negative responses is by accessing the subconscious which is achieved with hypnosis.

Author's Bio: 

Zita Stanely is a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner practising in Dublin, Ireland. She has appeared on Irish TV and in print in magazines and local newspapers.